I Consumed The Entire "The Witcher" Franchise In Six Weeks (While Stuck in Quarantine)

The Witcher is an epic multi-media franchise that spans (to date) one TV series, eight books and three games. Join Game Luster’s Kate on her epic journey to binge through the whole lot in six weeks flat.

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RaidenBlack316d ago

You got a new visitor, woman!
Henry Cavil's here to see you!

Outlawzz315d ago

I recently got Witcher 1 on steam and boy was I surprised with the gameplay on that one when I was expecting Witcher 3 type gameplay lol I'm still enjoying it though

mynameisthumper315d ago

It's actually two tv series, but the first one is really bad o.o

Dark-soul314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Why you torture yourself with one of the most borring rpgs ever made? Better try persona 5 , final fantasy , octopath traveler Or even skyrim :)