RpgSama1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

It's happening!!


A little bit more than an hour, plenty of time to see a lot of next-gen gameplay.

I wonder if they will show the console? Or maybe they will save that for a later reveal?

Sono4211453d ago

Oh man, really hope they announce PSVR 2.0, I mean if the don't I won't be too crushed, but even thinking about next gen VR get's me excited, as well as Horizon Zero Dawn 2. I am really wondering what games they're going to announce.

I also have a prediction, two different colored PS5's at launch, simply because the controller they show here is all black, no white. Idk if i'll get the white or black console, depends how they look honestly.

1453d ago
RpgSama1453d ago

I noticed the black controller too!! I wonder if that's what they plan to do, to have 2 SKU.

And I don't think we will get any news about PSVR2, it's still to early into the PS5 conversation, for God's Sake, we still don't know if they will show the actual PS5 console!

IRetrouk1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

it's not black it's just in shadow, look closer and you will see its white. I do hope they come in multiple colours though, as well as an all black and all white version.

RpgSama1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )


Now that you pointed that out, you're right, it is the white controller in shadow, the one I want is the one with the PS1 inspired colors, hopefully we get a 25 years anniversary console edition in PS1 Grey.

DazaMc1453d ago

Nope it's the white controller in the dark/shadow.

Games1st1453d ago

I don't mind different colours, just white controller isn't for everyone.

_SilverHawk_1453d ago

Finally we will get to see next generation games running on next generation hardware. Playstation is the future and the future is Playstation

sushimama1453d ago

Is it just me, or do I hear the PS1 boot up sound in there, mixed with the boot up sound of the PS2 also? It's like they've mixed parts of them all together.

darthv721453d ago

eventually there will be other colors, but this is not a black controller. Its the white one in a shadowy lighting.

Tony-A1453d ago

Looks like I was right about that smaller light just underneath the touchpad, I’m thinking it has to be a voice-sensitive light. Interesting!

Critic4l_Strik31453d ago

@RPGSama I think they have to reveal it already. If they are planning on a holiday release, that means that the production of millions of consoles has to start somewhat soon. And when that happens there can be potential leaks of what it looks like...so Sony has to reveal it themselves sooner rather than later.

bouzebbal1453d ago

It's about to go down!!!

silenthillstrangler1453d ago

I honestly think its the angle and lighting going for a mysterious vibe, would be great to have the option though.

morganfell1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

They have previously stated the PSVR2 was coming but that they did not wish to cloud the launch of the PS5 with that issue so I am not sure we will see anything on that front. It will be great to see titles dedicated to next gen. This is going to be so good.

This is going to be the conference where certain people screaming for Sony to show something are going to wish they hadn't.

jznrpg1453d ago

I want a Vita 2 or whatever they want to call it but I’m not getting my hopes up.

mandingo1453d ago

VR is trash it still isn’t ready

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akurtz1453d ago

They only mentioned games, maybe a console tear down sometime after? Cerny said there’d be one 🤷‍♂️

darthv721453d ago

Same day as the rumored Sega reveal. Coincidence...... ?????

neutralgamer19921453d ago


Very interesting indeed could we see Sony outright buy Sega(which is worth around 4-5 billion if I am not wrong)

rlow11453d ago

Could be a strong possibility, but I hope not. Would love Sega to stay Independent. But if Sony did buy them, then as the reporter stated, would shake up the Industry for sure.

The_Hooligan1453d ago

Now that you mention it, it is on the same day. Nice catch brother.

rainslacker1453d ago

Made me think of the Saturn reveal, and thinking Sony would talk about the console, then say, "and it's available today", taking most retailers off guard.

Hakuoro1453d ago

Listen I love Sony, but no one is buying Sega. They are part of a larger company Sega Sammy Holdings which is a very profitable company, they aren't going to sell their video game arm to anyone.

Hamzilla771452d ago

My guess is that Sony and Sega will have a exclusive rights deal like Cracktivision has the past bunch of years.... or Sony buys Sega outright... or OR Microsoft buys Sega now that would be large..... either way I am stoked for June 4th!!!