Top 5 Ubisoft character skins we'd like to see in Prince of Persia

Yesterday Destructoid told you that Ubisoft would be making an Altair (from Assassin's Creed) skin available for the upcoming Prince of Persia title via downloadable content. But as they say, "pictures or it didn't happen." Well, now it has happened.

But why should Ubisoft stop here? We'd like to see some other skins of Ubisoft characters come to Prince of Persia. Hit the jump for Destructoid's top five picks.

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morganfell3834d ago

They left out the most important one - the Prince of Persia. I don't mean this pretender to the crown that is the central character in one more attempt by Ubisoft to ruin a franchise either.

PirateThom3834d ago

I thought the real Prince had been confirmed?

UltimateIdiot9113833d ago

Yeah, only with as a preorder with Gamestop.