Nintendo Is Wasting Great Mario Kart Content on Mobile

Jared writes: "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best the series has ever been. So why does Nintendo ignore the best selling Switch game of all, in favor of Mario Kart Tour?"

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locomorales121d ago

They are making a ton of money there. You guys need to stop being possessive and think that the series belongs to you and not Nintendo shareholders.

TekoIie121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I think it's a relatively wise strategy. The amount of money mobile games makes is likely huge when compared to the budget of the games. While console games also makes a ton of money, I'd say it takes way more effort and money to develop and game capable of doing so.

Keeping a presence in the mobile market funnels money to help with traditional game development. It's not a system of one destroying the other, but of coexisting to create a safer business model.

plmkoh121d ago

It's because you guys keep buying Mario Kart 8 at full price 3 years later.

Tross121d ago

The real reason why Nintendo won't drop the price of their games. Well, their diehards are clearly ok with that, so it's no mystery why Nintendo won't change in that regard.

121d ago
Xaevi121d ago

They're definitely not wasting anything with how much they charge for that shite. They also don't care for Mario Kart 8. They know it's still selling, and at full price too with no content being added to it, so why even put in effort? They know it'll continue to sell until they release a new 1

121d ago
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