God of War 2 - Eurogamer's First Impressions

Prepare the testosterone injections! Apply the baby oil! Shave your head! Get a tattoo! Hammer the triangle button! Kratos is back!

Yes, everyone's favourite grumpy killing machine returns to the PS2 in the near future, and today Eurogamer got their feeble mortal hands on a hot-off-the-press demo version. Cue excitement and exclamation marks!

From the preview: "It's hardly a startling revelation to note that the game's visuals are sumptuous in the extreme, but Sony's LA studio has - on this evidence - topped even the original in how far they've managed to push the dear old PS2. Without exaggeration, God of War II looks as impressive as any so-called next generation effort - and you know when a PS2 game looks good when you can get away with running it on a big, hi-def screen without wincing. Replete with prog-scan mode and widescreen, the game still manages to pull off every graphical trick the PS2 is capable of without any noticeable frame rate drop or glitch. And it's not just impressive in terms of the technical tricks it's pulling (lovely dust motes, by the way guys), but the sheer artistry that has been infused into every corner. Every potentially bland corridor, every empty room comes alive, and benefits from probably the best automatic camera system ever invented. No camera complaints here, sir. Have an entire box of Jaffe Cakes."

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