You are not terrible

Screen Play: "I wanted to respond to some of the issues raised in Anthony Murphy's amusing rant about the evils of 'whiney nerd rage'. In the discussion that followed Anthony's piece a recurring theme was the idea that anonymity on the internet causes people to throw all sense of social decency out the window and become, for want of a better word, a**holes.

The idea that anonymity causes otherwise decent people to transform into an uncouth mob of volatile twelve year olds with foul mouths is depressing. Accurate, but depressing.

But I think this problem is easily solved. How? Simple - give internet users an identity. The most obvious example I can think of is Facebook. Users are forced to use their own identity, and a Facebook profile is essentially an online snapshot of you as a person. For this reason people treat each other cordially, not wanting to sully their good names on a vast social network."

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