The Witcher Series Has Sold Over 50 Million Units

Today CD Projekt RED announced that The Witcher series has sold over 50 million units over its lifetime.

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After10Ben76d ago

The Witcher 3 was one of the best games of this gen imho. Can't wait to play it a second time.

TheKingKratos76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

If they ever make Witcher 4 ..they better work hard on the gameplay because that part sucked in all the Witcher games and i finished all if them in PC

I want to feel like a badass Witcher with atleast good gameplay ... The mods did their best but still

SpeedDemon76d ago

Yup the Witcher and GTA games get a lot of praise, but have stiff clunky gameplay that doesn't gets called out enough.

SyntheticForm76d ago


Great story and characters - all of them good. Phenomenal soundtrack as well. White Orchard is pure 'war ravaged land' beautiful melancholy. Velen's track is insanely good as well.

I thought the combat was fine, not great, but not bad. It's just a typical parry and strike system; not sure why people are as hard as they are on it. Perhaps because it doesn't reach the heights other areas of the game do. All those other areas are excellent, btw. I also loved the abundance of abilities and potions.

This game is still tied with God of War as my personal game of gen as of now.

76d ago
rpvenom76d ago

SinGLe pLaYeR GaMeS aRe DeAd!

FlavorLav0175d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Congrats to CDP red. However, gotta call a spade a spade. Worst combat mechanics for a GOTY I’ve played in recent history. Great story and characters, great graphics, but bored to death with those stiff repetitive sword swinging animations. Big lack of variety, hope they fix this in witcher4

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DigitallyAfflicted76d ago

Big number congratulations CDPR!

Not sure how this compares to others AAa titles like gta5 and cod...

Unspoken76d ago

Exclusives are the only titles worth mentioning. Nothing will compare.

timotim76d ago

I have both Witcher 2 & 3 sitting on my X right now while I wait for them to remake the first game with better combat. Love the series.

AngelicIceDiamond76d ago

I'm yet to download it off Gamepass myself.

timotim76d ago

Big investment for sure in terms of time...dont start it unless youre ready to put in that work.

76d ago
SamTheGamer76d ago

It's very cheap on Steam now. If you haven't got your copy, get it now..

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The story is too old to be commented.