Play Review - Need For Speed: Undercover

Play mag: "No frills is a broad and ambiguous way of describing this twelfth instalment in the Need For Speed series. It could easily be misconstrued that we're describing Need For Speed Undercover as something cheap and purely functional, much like the unbranded student-friendly products found in stark white and blue polythene wrappings in Tesco. But EA Black Box has continued with the same, stripped-down racer theme that it brought to Need For Speed ProStreet, so if the barebones arcade experience took you by surprise a year ago, then you should be well prepared for it this time around.

The opening sequence speaks volumes about the rest of the game: Undercover really doesn't beat about the bush. There we were, DualShock 3 dangling from a limp hand as we casually watched the opening credits, anticipating several minutes of introduction outlining who our character was and at least some detail as to why he was trying to bust street-racing gangs of Tri-City, then the camera seamlessly pans into the driving seat of a speeding Nissan and we're given the helm. Cue some scrabbling with the pad and a few splutters on a hastily swallowed coffee, and suddenly we're on the run from the cops in a chase that lasts several minutes and highlights some of the main features of the game."

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