PS5 backwards compatibility will let you play "supported PS4 games with system update"

PS5 backwards compatibility will follow the Xbox approach to supported games, according to PlayStation website

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Hakuoro1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I'll wait till Spny announce it themselves.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1222d ago

Well the story is tagged as a rumor.

bouzebbal1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

i have a PS3 60Gig for PS3 PS2 PS1 games, PS5 with PS4 BC next to it is the ultimate PS fan dream.
just hoping they allow easy exchange of saves between PS4 and PS5, because having 2 PS4s home is not easy you can activate your profile only one one console.

indysurfn1221d ago

VIA update implies it will not be day one. I know the update can be day one. But, there is a good chance it will not be.

Jin_Sakai1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Having the ability to play old games is a nice feature but I’m getting a PS5 to play next generation games first and foremost.

ManMarmalade1221d ago

I'm always going back to my PS1 and PS2 games. To each their own I guess :P
BC is never a bad thing.

Smclaren19851221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Thank you although it’s still important they made the wright decision to focus on new exclusive first then current PS4 games that’s going to show when they announce new exclusives for ps5 I still hope they added back compat further down the line but new games and experiences are the most important,

garos821221d ago

@manmarmalade no one is saying BC is a bad thing. Sometimes though you got to choose if you gonna design your tech for next gen hardware, sometimes thinking of BC may hinder the progress for revolution. You dont want to be held back by the shackles of last gen. Anyways the retro market is rather popular now and collectors rightfully command crazy prices for retro consoles

BenRC011221d ago

Same, 99% of old games play terribly compared to modern ones. HL2 on the one x really showed its age.

Army_of_Darkness1221d ago

playstation gamers excited about ps4 b/c enhanced games as well as next gen ps5 exclusive games, while xsx gamers excited about "the most powerful next gen console' that will offer .....enhanced last Gen/s games......riiiight.

kayoss1221d ago

I wanted the original Ps3 so bad for its backward compatibility. but when i got it, i probably only played 4-5 old games during the PS3 life time. Backward compatibility is a nice to have like you stated, but i feel that Sony have a great track record of providing great games to their fans. So theres not a lot of time for me to go back to playing old games. I'm having a hard time keeping up with the new games, let along go back to old old games.

rainslacker1221d ago

At least it will reduce the amount of discussion about this topic once it comes. That's a bonus

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darthv721222d ago

We know they have the emulators for PS1 and PS2 games. Those should be a given for the PS5. PS3 emulation has improved greatly over the years but generally was done by one guy (or a very small team). Just imagine if Sony got hold of their work and really refined it themselves and got it running full speed. The PS5 would be crowned the ultimate multi-generational platform instead of the SX being the self proclaimed platform doing that.

neutralgamer19921221d ago

June 3rd is is the rumored event so we will know more. Sony will allow PS4 BC, there will be cross buy (yes before smart delivery) progress will carry from PS4/5 etc

Only people in doubt are those who want Sony to fail but if anyone has been following PlayStation. Long enough they should know Sony will support their device

I think it would be a great system seller feature if the system can play PS3 games and improve

But I am buying ps5 to play what is only available on ps5. These BC features are nice but I want Sony to show what's truly possible with such powerful console and most powerful SSD on the market

1221d ago
neutralgamer19921221d ago


if you bought a vita version you got a better look ps3 version for free or vice versa

rainslacker1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )


It's essentially the same thing. Smart delivery doesnt have to be tied to a distinct build of the game though, and it can be done through a patch using BC style, where it may not be a distinct version, but that isnt a hard and fast requirement.

One thing smart delivery seems to do is that you dont necessarily have to have two distinct versions in your library

Shane Kim1221d ago

It says so on Sony's website.

hectorius1221d ago

GamingTomarow15h ago(Edited 15h ago)
I'll wait till Spny announce it themselves.***

They already did.. Here
you have GT Sport running on an 8K HDR 10+ UHDTV with 10,000nits of luminence.. That was at the 2018 CES just 4 months after GT S released.

you have Spiderman [a 4K PS 4/Pro] title loading in 8.1 seconds on the PS 4 Pro, and in .83 seconds on "next generation" notice how large the next gen TV is to this gen.. 8K???

Mark Cerny Road to Playstation 5


"If you have an extensive PS 4 library and would like to take advantage of B/C to play those games on PS 5, then a large external HDD is ideal.. you can leave the games on the HDD and play them directly from there, thus saving the pricier SSD for your PS 5 titles.. Or you can copy your ACTIVE PS 4 titles onto SSD..

"If your purpose in storage is for PS 5 titles though, Ideally you would add to your SSD storage.. We will be supporting certain M.2 SSD.. These are INTERNAL drives you can get on the open market, which will install IN A BAY in the PS5.. As for which ones we will support and when, I'll get to that later.. They connect to the Custom I/O same as our SSD does.. So they can take advantage of the Decompression, IO Co-processors and all the other features I was talking about."

Seems pretty straight forward to me. This is just more FUD created by the media to get hits.

This is nothing like the XBone which dribbled out a few games per month over a period of 7 years and still haven't finished.. More akin to the PS2 /PS 1 B/C or PS 3 Phat/PS 2/1 emulation.. Sony has already stated that the Tempest Engine tech contains as much power as the PS 4, so it isn't unfeasable that its a stripped down PS 4 tech, with faster GDDR 6 RAM emulating GDDR 5. The PS 5 could then upsample it to 8K textures, as seen in the 8K HDR 10+ GT Sport demo.

neutralgamer19921221d ago

they don't want facts they want to believe what they want. sony supported BC with ps3 and the data showed such little amount of gamers used it that removing it saved them money and made the console cheaper

BTW even to this day every ps3 can play ps1 games even if you have ps3 slim

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CaptainCook1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

They've removed it

It no longer says

Stunning Games:
"Play a back catalog of supported PS4™ games with system update."

Now it says....

Stunning games:
"Marvel at incredible graphics and experience new PS5™ features."

Fishy Fingers1222d ago

As stated in the article "the recently updated official PS5 page in Iceland originally stated"

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RaidenBlack1222d ago

I know Sony is focusing on PS4 backward compatibility.
But there are some PS3 titles that many wanted/wants to be backward compatible.
Topping the list would be MGS4. Followed by Killzone 2 & 3, Resistance trilogy, inFamous duology ....
Yes .... We know, PS3's Cell architecture is very different.
It also boils down to Sony's business approach. Do they want to implement this extra emulation feature to level with Xbox.
Or ... with the recent popularity of remakes and remasters, they'll leave the task in the hands of Bluepoint games and rake in extra cash.

ILostMyMind1221d ago

I want to have all those games on Playstation 5, but I prefer to have them remade than emulated.

RaidenBlack1221d ago

Remade or Remastered?
PS3 titles are not that old, that they demand remakes.
They just need a fresh new coat of paint.

aconnellan1221d ago

So you want to pay for them all again full price instead of using your disc?

Tacoboto1221d ago

Sony has the resources at their disposal to develop a way to preserve, respect, and enhance your PlayStation legacy.

There is no reason to be against this. It's 2020, a competitor is being currently-unchallenged in this area. A PC emulator and illegal download of an iso shouldn't be the easiest option to play an old PlayStation game. Especially when you still own the disc.

Stanjara1221d ago

There is no cell complicated tech, otherwise there would not be uncharted or any other remaster on PS4.
Licencing is the issue. Those licences had 10 years expiration date (or whatever deal was) so now Sony has to renew them aka pay again to those people for their work (music, engine, design..other words intellectual property)

Thing is, now those games would not see sales in millions only thousands, so they are not profitable to renew them for next 10 years.

Some deals go smooth, others not so much.
Konami and Kojima split resoulting in never ending licencing desput.

Laws and deals changed over the years, but for some old games we don't know what the terms were.

Hope they can transfer as much games they can to ps5 as we don't have time to play them all in one generation.

Lore1221d ago

I’m on the same page as you. There are countless other amazing PS3 games with trophy support that would be great to be able to put into my newest console so it can be the only device needed in the room. This is also my personal opinion, but I don’t even mind doing without psone & ps2 games, ps3 is the generation that “I” personally prefer. But if they can do it all that would be even better

The_Sage1221d ago

If only everyone were as smart as I am and bought the launch 60 Gig PS3 and kept it as I have. I'm just giving ya a hard time... Kinda.