Arkane Studios Celebrates 20 Years With Free Stuff

Arkane is giving away free stuff and holding a contest to celebrate 20 years of gaming.

ArchangelMike1105d ago

I love Prey. Mooncrash is one the best released DLC. I probably would rate it as high as the game itself.

Garethvk1105d ago

It was great. Working Escape Pods for the win.

1105d ago
darthv721105d ago

Dishonored is such a good series.

robtion1105d ago

One of my favourite series. Loved all 3 games. Whale-punk ftw! ;)

MrVux0001105d ago

''By joining the Outsiders (fan community) and signing up to receive email updates before May 31st at 10am EST, players will receive a free digital copy of Arkane Studio’s first game, Arx Fatalis, through the launcher. Players will also receive a digital copy of the exclusive “Art of Arkane” digital artbook when joining. ·''

umair_s511105d ago

Is anything free from them for PS4?

Battlestar231105d ago

Why would there be? It makes more sense for free stuff to be on PC and Xbox not on the Playstation.

MrSugarholic1105d ago

So PC AND Xbox make sense, but not Playstation? How does that make any sense?

SickSinceSix1105d ago

The Lego Ninjago: Movie game was free on Steam and PS4 the other week. If they wanted to, they could give something away on PS4 too

TheCaptainKuchiki1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Arkane will forever be one of my fave studios. I loved Dark Messiah, Dishonored and Prey. I wished they had more commercial success, it's a shame their games often go unrecognized by the general public. They deserve more.
I hope we'll get a Prey sequel, I really want to know wth happened to Earth.

1nsomniac1105d ago

Loved Dark Messiah, The Dishonoured series completely passed me by unfortunately I didn’t play any of them. Prey I bought and I really wanted to like it but it’s still riddled with game breaking bugs to this day on PC so I haven’t made it more than a couple of hours into the game. I was really enjoying where the story was going tho.

The devs have been well aware of the ambient occlusion memory leak within the game since launch and have even talked publicly about it but have never fixed it. I’ve always took that to mean they’re either lazy devs or it’s an inherent issue in the code of the engine. Either case unfortunately means I won’t be buying their next game. Which is a shame.

Lilrizky1105d ago

You have GOT to play the Dishonored games. Those other games are fantastic, but Dishonored 1 and 2 (especially for its level design) is other worldly

TheCaptainKuchiki1103d ago

I played Prey several times and didn't encounter any game breaking bugs, some small bugs but nothing serious

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