PS4's Sold-Out Back Button Attachment Will Be Restocked Soon, Says Sony

The best PS4 controllers out there feature programmable back paddles, and earlier this year, Sony released an attachment that equipped its DualShock 4 with them. That move proved popular as the back button attachment sold out quite quickly.

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Jin_Sakai185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Hopefully the get the controllers restocked soon. I haven’t a single one in stock lately.

jukins184d ago

Yea i resorted to buying two from gamestop used for $30ish gotnsome cool color combos and 30 days to return so far so good

darthv72184d ago

I've had to go to ebay to find ones that I can't find on the website. Destiny 2, GT Sport and Playstation FC. I did manage to get in on the backorder list for the back button attachment on GS though.

badz149183d ago

with over 110mil PS4 sold, you would have thought that they will make more of this thing available as the size of the potential customer is so big, yet the availability of this thing is minimal at best like they are not even trying to make more.

and WTH is all about with close to no marketing for the damn thing?? Sony is letting some of the best things they have this gen slipping to the forgotten land. Vita tanked despite its huge potential, slow PS Now expansion to many more regions, remote play not getting enough attention and now Nintendo is stealing all the "gaming on the go" vibe and hype, share play not getting enough exposure too and now this. are they really having their hands full that they don't have the capacity to market all these things I mentioned??

bouzebbal184d ago

i have one i cant play any game without it ! it is a must

Silly Mammo184d ago

Yeah, I pre-ordered it on a whim back in January. Now it just feels weird when its not attached to the DS. I really love this thing. I had hoped that the back buttons would come standard on the PS5 controller.

bouzebbal184d ago

Or could be DS5 compatible

RememberThe357184d ago

Remember they oddly haven't shown us the bottom of the controller yet, we might be in for a slight surprise.

Bruh184d ago

Curious how does the programming for the back buttons work exactly?

stefd75184d ago

Unless your in the UK where only one store is allowed to sell it which makes it impossible to buy.

RosweeSon184d ago

Yeah the worst one as well I don’t know why companies keep using them for exclusives I get they biggest in country but they the worst give it to one of the independents like or the

stefd75184d ago

they are both my go to stores but Game is a complete crock of shite, always over priced, always cancel games on you on a day before the game is due just a shame that they are the only big high street shop left....mind you they closed the one near me down and i dont miss it :)

pwnmaster3000184d ago

I wonder if this will be compatible with DS5. Anyone know?

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