8 Games That Would Make PS Now a True Competitor to Xbox Game Pass

PS Now has lots of great games already but it needs these nine fantastic PS4 titles in order to become a must-have service for PlayStation fans.

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Hakuoro427d ago

This is a parody to your other article about media bias right?

OmarBanat427d ago

I haven't written an article about media bias so I'm not quite sure what you mean.

ilikestuff426d ago

I got the ps plus, I feel like they do pretty good with what they give each month and the amount and selections they have. I’m playing Spider-Man right now it’s awesome. It was 60$ for a year of “Netflix” for PlayStation, that’s cheaper than Netflix

FallenAngel1984427d ago

Is this author serious? God of War, Persona 5 & Horizon were already part of the PS Now service

FallenAngel1984426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

All the disagrees in the world can’t deny the truth

God of War 4 & Uncharted 4

Persona 5

Horizon: Zero Dawn

The author clearly doesn’t keep up to date with basic knowledge and it’s downright shoddy journalism to not know about the topics you’re writing about

ApocalypseShadow426d ago

Lol. I love facts when it buries people.


OmarBanat426d ago

Literally none of those games are currently available on PS Now. Please do more research next time before attacking people.

FallenAngel1984426d ago

@ Omar

Hence the word “were”. Learn to read

Those games were temporarily on the service just like various games are temporarily on Game Pass. How can you say PS Now would be a “true competitor” if these games are permanently on the service when various marquee titles on Game Pass aren’t permanently on that service? At that point you’re just holding PS Now to a different standard than XGP just for clicks

OmarBanat426d ago


The big difference is that those specific titles that used to be on PS Now are exclusives. As far as I know, no Xbox One exclusives have been removed from gamepass.

FallenAngel1984425d ago

True but RE7 was also included in your article which made it seem like you were talking about games that should come to the service in general rather than titles that should’ve stayed on the service

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Silly gameAr426d ago

All Sony would have to do is give PSnow away for a dollar and boom, baby.

OmarBanat426d ago

Haha maybe. Now if they had all the games on that list and it was only $1 then I would already be subscribed.

waverider426d ago

If the sell it for 1 or 2 bucks like microsoft does they will have 20 millions, but thats just bad business and fake numbers

426d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.