10 PlayStation Vita Gems That Flew Under the Radar

VGCartz's Adam Cartwright: "Throughout the life of any console, certain games come to prominence and are recommended to new owners without reservation. For Vita, these are things like DanganRonpa, Digimon, Killzone, Persona and Tearaway – titles that are recognised for their outstanding quality and universal appeal that I’d say the majority of dedicated Vita gamers will have tried at one time or another.

For every console, there are also a tonne of games that fly under the radar and are only noticed by a tiny subset of fans. Everyone with a Wii knew about Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy, for example, but few knew of Battalion Wars 2 or Fragile Dreams. These ‘hidden gems’ can often provide some of the most diverse and exciting experiences in a console’s library, it just might take a little digging to find out about them.

Vita is no exception and this article will be a selection of 10 hidden gems that I’ve come across on Sony’s handheld."

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After10Ben383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

I read through the entire list and the game that I think I would like the most is Wanted Corp. Twin stick shooters are always fun on the go. I have to admit, that this game never hit my radar, so this article is great to bring games like this to our attention. I still play my Vita. Playing Final Fantasy X remaster and using the cross save feature with the ps4. Great system even to this day.

isarai382d ago

Had to import it but UPPERS is a great game, it's so fun and corny, i love it