What's Up with Ultimate Band? Get an Inside Listen


"Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to participate in a conference call with a few dudes from Fall Line Studio, developers of the just-released Ultimate Band for the Wii and DS. Tim Huntsman (senior producer), Mark McArthur (development director), and Mike Thompson (art director) fielded questions posed by us media types in a James Lipton-style interview presented by Access Communications.

The good questions, obviously, were submitted by me, but I want to apologize for the woman at the end who was rude and unprofessionally douche-like. Yes, it is possible to be professionally douche-like, so shut up.

There is also an occasional beepy-boop noise that I'm assuming is people joining the call, but that was totally not my computer making the noise so whatev. And after re-reading all of the stuff that I just wrote, I realize that deep down inside I am apparently a valley-girl."

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Cookigaki3835d ago

Cookigaki doesn't understand why they say "no peripherals". Wii is king of peripherals.

M_Prime3834d ago

this game sounds pretty lame...