Skyrim: Did it Actually Revolutionise RPG’s?

Our writers sat down to discuss whether or not Skyrim should be as loved as it is. Does it deserve the hate its been given too? Find out!

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ApocalypseShadow517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Is it buggy? Yeah. It's Bethesda.

Is it released for every platform and probably for the Atari 2600? Yeah. Not really. But can you imagine?
She's very good at retro art. To me anyway.

Is it a great game? Yeah.

Is it amazing and revolutionizes VR rpgs without being built for VR? Hell yeah!

VR was my first and only play through of Skyrim and it was on another level. And to see all the little details close up. Going from paper to text adventures to Dragon Stomper on Starpath/Atari to many,many western rpgs like Balder's Gate or Champions of Norrath up until today. Then playing Skyrim VR, it's an amazing evolution of gaming. Using magic from my hands. Actually controlling my bow and being an archer. Or, just sitting in a tavern listening to a bard while reading a book. Going on adventures with my sidekick Serana who surprises me and does things not typical of a regular NPC. Lol. Hanging out with a vampire after I killed her father. And released her mother from self exile. That's crazy in a good way. Or fighting a dragon up close.

Yeah. It definitely revolutionizes rpgs and did for VR. I can't even begin to think what comes next in my RPG journey for next gen.

Kavorklestein516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

I agree that Skyrim has it's flaws.
And I also agree that it is a fantastic game.
I think it is the most "Instant Classic" 3d RPG I have ever played and the Lore, the Enemies, the Abilities, Shouts, crafting, Alchemy, etc.. etc... is all so great. Especially for 2011 when it came out.

The game is Janky and Wonky too, but for reals.... What other Medieval RPG even comes close? Witcher 3 is an excellent one, yet it still doesn't feel as COMPLETE of a world as Skyrim. (Maybe that's just how it feels to me Idk)

But absolutely yes, VR was a cool way to experience it.
Overall, most gamers I know have either played it extensively, respect it for what it is, or have at least dabbled and Loved it. I have it on PC, 360, Xbox one, PSVR, and my GF has it on her Switch.

It's a Classic! To me, it's as Impactful to enjoying the Elder Scrolls Universe- as the "Lord of the Rings" was to representing Tolkien's vision of Middle Earth.

Name Last Name516d ago

Damn don’t have me buy a VR set and beat Skyrim yet again.

ApocalypseShadow515d ago (Edited 515d ago )

If you played it a lot, can't say. But even gamers that played the other versions are floored when playing it in VR. But you do need VR legs if you're not used to VR locomotion. And Skyrim's menus were not made for VR but it's doable. But Skyrim pioneered controls without analog sticks. Works great with Moves but you can use the DS4. But when you actually play as the character with your hands, it's next level. The real crazy thing is seeing those huge statues up close like Mehrunes Dagon
Tensed up because I thought I might have to fight the thing(secretly hoping lol). But the perspective is much different than a TV. They're huge.

Looks even better and has mods if you have a good PC which I don't have.

NukeDaHippies516d ago

For me, Oblivion was more revolutionary. Patrick Stewart was in it for a few seconds.

Kavorklestein516d ago

Ha..! I laughed.
But yes, "The Amulet of Kings" being said in Stewart's voice always plays in my head whenever I see bad facial animations in every game I've played since Oblivion.
It revolutionized my level of cringe to a simple pun when seeing bad faces to this day!

JEECE516d ago

Publishers have now known for almost 9 years (really longer because Oblivion and Fallout 3 were big as well) that a single player first person western RPG could be a huge success if it is made well. Somehow, other than another Bethesda game (Fallout 4), we have gotten two serious attempts at this genre in that time (Kingdom: Come and Outer Worlds). If Skyrim "sucked" as much as people pretend it does, it would have been surpassed many times. Yes I know about Witcher 3. It's third person, and even if you count it, that's literally one game in nine years, and it's one of the best games ever, so having to go to that only proves my point.

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I_am_Batman516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

You can think it sucks and also admit that it's not easy to do right at the same time. I've never played Skyrim, mainly because I was pretty disappointed wth Oblivion, but I realize that not many studios could even attempt to pull it off.

I liked parts of Fallout 4, but ultimately it was another disappointment. I think Cyberpunk has got the best shot at actually setting a new bar for these type of games, but even there I see the danger of it potentially being too ambitious, especially considering it's being developed for current gen consoles.

JEECE516d ago

"You can think it sucks and also admit that it's not easy to do right at the same time."

I think we are using a different definition of sucks. It sounds like you basically just think First person western RPGs are bad generally. Which is a fine opinion for you to have, but not a useful one in discussing which ones are good. Like I think all EDM music is terrible, so if people are talking about the most famous artist in that genre and debating their merits, yeah, I can jump in and say that I think that artist sucks, and it would be an accurate statement if my position. However, if my opinion is also that you just can't make good music in that genre, and I would also have the same opinion that all EDM artists that I had heard suck, my opinion that a specific one sucks is not a particularly valuable contribution to the discussion.

I_am_Batman516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

@JEECE: To be clear I personally don't think any of the Bethesda games are bad. I was just saying that in principle something could suck even if it hasn't been done better by anyone else, if it doesn't meet your internal standard.

And I like the idea of a huge AAA WRPG. I think the 1st person perspective is counterproductive for games that have melee combat, but I have bigger problems with Bethesda's game design philosophy regarding character progression, rewarding the player for exploring the world and having real consequences to your actions.

I think improving the character progression would be the easiest thing to do. The other aspects are much more challenging if they want to keep making huge gameworlds with tons of side content.

And of course it doesn't help when your development tools are somewhat archaic. Just optimizing the workflow with a more modern game engine would certainly give them more time to improve upon every other aspect of their games.

FlavorLav01515d ago

Since when are “true RPGs” only in 1st person? This must be a new litmus I hadn’t heard about...

JEECE515d ago

I don't think that they are. My point is that they are a separate thing. There are a number of good third person RPGs, but playing in first person is a different experience that far fewer devs seem to get right in the RPG context.

I'm just trying to be clear about why I appreciate Bethesda despite their issues and why I think some of the criticism is unfair. If I were critiquing a first person shooter, I'd compare it to other FPSs rather than third person shooters.

I know there are good third person RPGs. But if I want a good first person RPG as a change from those, it's not helpful for people to say "oh play Witcher 3 dude."

zsquaresoff516d ago

Witcher 3 did it better and without the bugs.

JEECE516d ago

This meal sucks because I had a meal at a famous, five star gourmet restaurant five years ago that was better.

This person sucks at basketball, because Michael Jordan was better.

This platformer sucks, Super Mario Bros 3 was better.

This car is garbage, because a Ferrari is nicer.

nitus10515d ago

In The Witcher 3, it pays to be a "gourmet" when you first upgrade your stats otherwise you will go through a lot of "food". 😃 hint!

Poopmist516d ago

Yeah Witcher 3 is much better and it's not close.

JEECE515d ago

I fail to see how naming one superior game in 9 years invalidates Skyrim. Actually, using such a masterpiece as your comparison works as a pretty strong compliment.

PiNkFaIrYbOi516d ago

I just think that Skyrim is overrated. It isn't even the best Elder Scrolls game.

sinspirit516d ago

I worry that since Skyrim is so successful that they don't improve the old formula for the next Elder Scrolls. I really wish for a different studio to make an Elder Scrolls type game.

enkiduxiv92d ago

Exactly. Morrowind and Oblivion had deeper mechanics. Skyrim was great, but I don't think it revolutionized the genre, at least not for the better.

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