Gran Turismo Sport is Now Twice the Game it Was at Launch

Last week’s arrival of the Mazda RX-Vision Concept GT3 means that GT Sport now officially has twice the content it did at launch

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IRetrouk117d ago

Great support for a new take on gt, as much as I've enjoyed it, hopefully the next is a return to a more traditional gt, I'm hoping they just integrate sports online modes wholesale but who knows.

bouzebbal116d ago

Amazing game amazing support from polyphony

IRetrouk116d ago

It really is a great sim racer, have played it almost daily from launch, been fun to play through as its grown.

darthv72116d ago

I know there is a GH release of this but does anyone know if there will be a definitive edition at some point? One with all the DLC and spec upgrades on disc?

IRetrouk115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Dont know if they will bother or not now Darth, they did do a spec 2 disc release but that was a while ago, it would be a very good idea to be fair.

116d ago
sampsonon116d ago

They might make a separate game, but they won't stop making the Sport Series because of its focus on competitive racing. People actually like serious racing.

IRetrouk116d ago

That's why I'm hoping they integrate it into the main series as its online mode, it is a fantastic way of racing others, theres no disputing that.

Dee_91116d ago

and with covid e-racing is pretty much all we have.

i must admit it has been fun watching the pros race in gtsport

IRetrouk116d ago

The races really are cool, I think the voice overs really add to the feeling, nothing else like it.

UltimateRacer116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I think it was already confirmed by Kaz and PD that the next GT will be more traditional but it will also have the Sport mode for online racing aswell as traditional lobby’s.

IRetrouk116d ago

Hope so, sounds like a good way forward, plus, as a bonus it will keep both old and new fans happy, it's a win win.

rainslacker116d ago

I do want my A-Spec back. The campaign mode release for GT:S was OK, but it didnt really feel like progression.

I dont care if they keep it as part of GT:S just to keep that running, but something a little more beefy.

IRetrouk116d ago

That's exactly my feelings, the campaign, while never really ment to be there, was serviceable, but it def missed the older feeling of progression, I do hope they keep sport alive within the next game, I really like the way it's been set up.

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ApocalypseShadow117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Great support for the game over time with free content.

I will say this though, with all the nice cars in it, you would hope the next GT puts in many non professional tracks to drive on. Driving through a forest. Driving next to the coast. Winding turns through a mountain range. Next gen environments and lighting could really open up.

Sometimes you just want to drive like in real life. Nice car of your choice, nice tunes and nice environments to Zen drive.

Not sure about anyone else. But I do that in real life. Road trip. And there's something about a long curve while holding the line. And a slightly hilly road that's kind of roller coaster like. Good grip, non squeaky shocks, comfortable seat, great steering and good speed. Something about it.

When you can't experience that all the time in real life, a game like GT NEXT could fill in the gap besides the thrill of competition and license getting which is more about testing your own abilities than anything. Sport having nice environments for photos or attract interludes are cool. But it sucks you can't drive through them.

glennhkboy116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

You have perfectly described Forza Horizon series.

116d ago
SamPao116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

ah yes, "sometimes you just want to drive like in real life"
Yeah absolutely forza horizon, where you drive over fields of crops and jump 100of meters. Yeah thats exactely what he was describing :D

Edito116d ago

I'm a super Huge GT fan since 98 and yes Forza was described there and I don't know why the dislikes... Forza Horizon 4 is the best game on Xbox period... and trust me Sony did wrong killing Drive Club it could have evolved to the level of Forza... We need a good arcade racing game on PS not need for speed.

Tiqila116d ago

Forza Horizon is great and I would have loved to own a XBox just for FH4 (as my PC didn't manage to run it satisfactorily). I got a copy of The Crew 2 and was completely disappointed. Open world, nice scenery, I thought it was the perfect title for a "road trip" or "zen driving" experience. But it's not and it is because the arcade controls kill all immersion and all fun of driving on a long road. I mean they are fun when competing with other players, no question, but for this specific purpose you need simulation-like driving mechanics like that of GT or certain Rally games. IMO :)

Father__Merrin116d ago

No one wants forza the franchise is less and less popular over time, More ppl prefer horizons over forza main game

Khalina116d ago

Forza Horizon is absolutely amazing. Even the older entries, it is so satisfying to just drive around the environments. It would be nice if Gran Turismo did an open world like that, but it just isn't that kind of game.

Latex74116d ago

Definitely forza horizon i do love them games

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outsider1624116d ago

Is there a career mode where you progress with a shitty car and climb up from there?

UltraNova116d ago

Well said.

What do you drive in real life, Apocalypse?

Fellow road trip-er here.

SLiSH83116d ago

That’s Forza horizon 😊👍👍

GT sport is all about /esports and the competition of racing/driving

glennhkboy116d ago

It will be great if there is a game with GT physic & you can drive around an open world Japan. That will be a perfect match.

BenRC01116d ago

Get forza 7. Sublime tracks.

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chicken_in_the_corn116d ago

It has become the best driving sim on ps4 imo

Si-Fly116d ago

Prettiest without a doubt but still has questionable physics compared to something like Assetto Corsa.

Yi-Long116d ago

Driveclub is still the prettiest racing game on the market, although a Dirt Rally 2 comes close at times when it comes to its lighting.

Father__Merrin116d ago

Assetto corsa is good but it's got extremely skiddy physics it's better with a wheel but overall its got minimal content you click on manufacturer and most of the good cars are part of dlc.

Even the unofficial assetto corsa launcher doesn't work properly unless you make a payment to them.

I've been on it a while it's got good mod support but as an entire game it's nothing to gran turismo

aaronaton116d ago

Technically the most supported game i've ever played, no DLC paywalls either. An amazing amount of cars, tracks, weather, and updated campaign.

Yi-Long116d ago

Their post-launch support for this game has been amazing, and has created a lot of goodwill, considering it was all free.

I doubt I would have bought any of the DLC, ever, if it had been paid DLC, but the free DLC kept me coming back to the game every month to just check out the new stuff and play it for a couple of hours, which is what you'd want from post-launch support.

MoonConquistador116d ago

I can't believe they never included a single trophy for the Lewis Hamilton DLC though

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