Xbox Series X's The Ascent Looks Like Diablo Meets Judge Dredd | IGN

Cyberpunk worlds are all the rage right now, but The Ascent aims to set itself apart from that crowd.

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Daniel2183553d ago

Can’t wait for this .... looks awesome

morganfell553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

Definitely a day one purchase. Looks really great. Really fantastic atmosphere. Some parts remind me of the great game Solstice Chronicles: MIA. I have it on Steam and certainly worth checking out. The Solstice universe is great.

But this game looks like it has a ton of fun waiting for gamers.

oasdada553d ago

X series X's? Arent we pushing it much? They simply couldve started with The ascent..

MrDead553d ago

Maybe it'll be different from "STEAM'S The Ascent"... otherwise yeah why would you call it "X series X's", it makes it look like the new XBOX will have nothing exclusive or any reason to purchase it.


Automatic79553d ago

Definitely picking The Ascent along with Halo Infinite during Xbox Series X at launch. Xbox looking to have a compelling launch lineup.

medman553d ago

If you get gamepass, you won't have to "pick" the games up, they'll just be available to play.

sampsonon553d ago

This shows the power of the SX lol not.
Get ready for your Games Pass games folks

Lon3wolf553d ago

It was running on PC but hey ho.

rainslacker552d ago

The title made it about the XSX though.

Lon3wolf552d ago


Then read the article not only the headline.

Vasto553d ago

My Game Pass is ready folks.

Sitdown553d ago

This post shows the power of trolls lol not.
Get ready for trolling season folks.

Did you mean for your post to compliment the series x by saying it's not a good indicator of it's power?

553d ago
Sol4ris553d ago

There will be plenty of games that will show the power XSX on GP, is just that this particular game is not it. I’m certain Halo Infinite, Hellblade II and other projects from PlayGround an The Initiative will push XSX quite a bit.

CaptainCook552d ago

Microsoft already said they were announcing 3rd party games in May, and First party games in July to show the power of the Xbox Series X running at 4k 60fps to 120fps with Ray Tracing.

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