Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Demo Impressions (Xbox 360)

Out of the clear blue, Ubisoft dropped a bomb on Xbox Live Marketplace earlier today. A short but sweet demo was released of GRAW 2's single player action, which niftily shows off some of the new features and weapons supported in the much-anticipated follow-up.

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Grown Folks Talk4910d ago

hopefully the multi-player demo will be up soon. i wish they would have implemented r6:v cover system though. otherwise it's pretty nice. they seem to think the squad a.i. is better this time around, but the demo didn't really show it. they are better at giving more specific info, but i had 1 run right past an enemy at a distance of about 5 feet, and neither reacted to the other. i've liked all of them except graw for the regular xbox, so i doubt i'll have a problem with this 1.

USMChardcharger4910d ago

man i am sorry that you happend to ya. i know some buddies who bought GRAW for the last gen system because at that time did not have a 360 yet. they were pissed that they wasted their money on that game.

so over all it is an improvement over GRAW as far as you can tell? play better in any particular way?

Grown Folks Talk4910d ago (Edited 4910d ago )

i bought the reg version because the multi-player maps were different. i think it will be familiar enough to jump right in, but new enough to hold interest and be somewhat fresh. the demo is so short(like gears of war ;}) that it's hard to really judge it. it basically lets you use some of the new command features and that's about it. i do like what i played though. p.s. you still in the service? i was in the marine reserves from 95 to 98. heavy equip mech. probably should have went full time. i got out right before a 2 week stint in norway. wish i would have stuck around for that, as i've never been overseas anywhere.

JasonXE4910d ago (Edited 4910d ago )

It graphically looks the same as graw except for the guy you command. There was no blood coming from those retards you shoot either and I was overall disappointed. The new features does not do justice for me buying this game and not interested in seeing an expansion for it if it cost 20 buxs just for different lighting.

PS360PCROCKS4910d ago

I'll tell you a few things I can't stand after playing the demo a couple times, first I REALLY wish you could run, like GOW style run, instead of like jog, it makes the game boring kinda and bog down a little, it's not major I just wish they would implement this because soldiers do run and they don't do it standing straight up at a jogging pace. Enemies are still kind of stupid and aside from what they say, they most certainly DO NOT flank! Once again not major, they seem better but their still kinda stupid, maybe it's just the demo? Lastly WHY oh WHY Ubisoft can you run through trees, shrubs and plants? I mean you can shoot them and parts fall off but the plant looks the same? That's not realistic or next gen, being able to run right through them and having them disappear into your character once again is not next gen, why can't they sway and move when you walk by them? Or why can't they atleast make it so that your not ABLE to run through them? I mean I understand Crysis is probably the first game to pull off the dismantling of plants with holes, shooting off leaves and having them move when you walk through, but does it really take that much graphical prowess to do that? Or is it just lasy deving too worried about realistic lighting, smoke and explosions? Sorry if this seems petty it just irritates me alot for some reason.