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Josh writes: The combination of the way the music is constructed around your every move and the visuals takes you on a journey. There is a level that was Fire themed in which every time you turned your shape, an African sounding drum would beat, and as you completed each of the 30 lines needed to pass the level, the music became more intense. The show of fire became more intense. Did I feel a sense of Fear? Dread? As I neared completion the game extrapolated on that feeling by making the pieces fall faster. It made the sense of relief all the better when I emerged victorious at the end of the level. On the other side of the coin though, the very first level, The Deep, is very calming.

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ChristianReggieWait489d ago

I have no idea how developers keep reinventing Tetris, but they always manage too 🤣

PrimeVinister489d ago

Yeah, it is peculiar. I feel like it gets a reboot every five years or that.

WillDoubleJ487d ago

It's strange how the gameplay never really changes, but developers can always find something to hook us all in again. Long live Tetris I suppose.