New Monster Hunter World Mod Improves Performance by Removing Unnecessary CRC Code

A new Monster Hunter World mod for PC aims to substantially improve performance by removing unnecessary and unoptimized CRC code.

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ccgr39d ago

Nice! Will have to check it out!

RonsonPL39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Wow. The levels of lazyness and incompetence in terms of PC ports will always look for new bottom to hit.
And then they will say "we don't care because PIRACY", while companies who actually treat PC gamers respecitvely, make hundreds of milions of profit.

But nah. Let's remove the most of PC's advantages. Let's add file encryptions, DRMs eating threads needed for the game, let's not even CHECK the code like in this case.
Works at 30fps+? Then why crying? Console players are happy. assholes.
If you don't want PC gamers's money, just don't release the game at all. We really would rather not get another Batman-like port, we realy don't spend 200% of the money to get faster PCs just so you assholes can waste it on DRM or due to your negligence and stupidity. Just fu..k off allready. Leave PC gaming to companies who know what they're doing.