Where next for GTA?

Anyone for some action on the streets of Victorian London?

Where next for GTA?

In December's inevitable 2008 retrospectives, GTA IV will no doubt be heralded as the greatest game of 2008. Yet at the same time, for some hardcore gamers, Rockstar's magnum opus has become a victim of its own success. polled a number of games magazine and website editor's recently, asking them there thoughts on where the Houser brother's and Rockstar North might go next with the 11-year-old series, after the launch of GTA: Chinatown Wars (DS) and the GTA IV DLC episodes early in 2009. And whether or not they thought GTA might be losing its 'edge'.

While most editors were sanguine about the latest outing in the series, NGamer editor Nick Ellis, did stick his neck on the line (Rockstar's PR department are fearsome!) and suggest that GTA IV was, at times, predictable and not really that edgy.

"It was always going to be about shooting up rivals and driving very fast around a large city," said Ellis. "There was nothing overtly controversial in the main game, and running over pedestrians rapidly gets boring, especially when you're busted for the umpteenth time."

Hype, substance, the future...

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panasonic233835d ago

MS or Sony need to make a sandox about the future.

Ghost in the shell sandbox game would be awesome

Mukiwa3835d ago

Though it was pretty badly flawed I still really liked The Getaway...
And give me back my god-damned parachute Rockstar, wherever the next one's set!

Iceman1003834d ago

Who cares game is tired and boring make something new please some games are just to drawn out.