It’s Been 25 Years Since Sega of America Made its Biggest Ever Mistake

In one of the most disastrous console launches in history, Sega announced the release of the Saturn. It didn't go as well as hoped.

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waverider124d ago

the perfect machine for 2d games, but 3d just started strong. What a shame. Sega got so many amazing games!

gums007124d ago

Lol no they dont
And if they did, they might be relevant today

MWH124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Yes they do, you just don't know.
Relevance and success involves multiple factors and not only the ability to make something.

Petebloodyonion124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Go to https://www.pricecharting.c... and go see what games are the most valuable for collectors and you will mostly see the Sega Saturn library because there are tons of exclusives great games not available on any system and there's yet to have a good Sega Saturn emulator.
Here are some classic games never released on other systems
- Astal
- Clockwork knight 2
- Panzer Dragoon Zwei
- Panzer Dragoon Saga
- Saturn Bomberman (10 players on screen)
- Dragon Force
- Shining Force 3
- Shining the Holy Ark
- Burning Ranger
- Fighters Megamix (Sega was 3 years before Nintendo for the mascot brawl game)
- Enemy Zero
- Dark Savior
- Legend of Oasis
- Shinobi Legion
- Magic Knight Rayearth
And I could continue on.

Dabigsiebowski124d ago

@pete actually Saturn Emulation has come very far. Check out the new Poly Emu box that MVG did a video on.

Petebloodyonion124d ago

What you're talking about is a retro console (It's not a Pc emulator that you can download) that has yet to be released (will be released July 8th)
We have yet to see a good emulator running Sega's own game because of the ‎2× Hitachi SH-2 chips.
I have yet to properly play some of my favorites games on PC (Still have the original system at home).

And yes I do have my open for the Polymega because I want to preserve my own cd collection https://www.pricecharting.c...

anubusgold124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

@Petebloodyonion You forgot{ Knights into dreams} that came with a analog stick controller. {Fighters mega mix} {the last bronx} ,{ virtual fighter 2} almost good as the arcade version, { Virtual fighter remix} it looked better than the arcade version.

SinkingSage124d ago

@Petebloodyonion - Mednafen and SSF are two emulators that run Saturn games amazingly well and have existed for years.

Petebloodyonion124d ago

I find SSF the best Sega Saturn emulator at the moment but there are still lots of issues with certain games like no music or not working game. Mednafen is a good compliment and was glad to see Shining force 3 running on it.
I'm sure that using all emulators available you could probably manage to have great results but it's not like having only PSXe for 90% of your Ps1 need.

@Anubus I could go on with lots more exclusives games but I wanted to stress on exclusives game that can be only even today only on Sega saturn and have no ports.

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rainslacker123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

I really liked the Saturn. Had tons of great games that mostly went under the radar. Sega just couldn't compete against the ps1 juggernaught, and botched its release, and its marketing.

PhoenixUp124d ago

This marked the beginning of the end for Sega in the hardware market

MWH124d ago

32x and CD were failed investments that Sega could afford, like Pheonix said the Saturn was beginning of the end because of the poor management by the HQ during Saturn's development and launch.

Poopmist124d ago

As a small kid around that time I hadn't even heard of a Saturn, but I had friends with Ps1 and N64.

iofhua2124d ago

Back then I had heard of it, but didn't know anyone who had one. I knew a few other kids who had a genesis though. My family had just Nintendo consoles as I was growing up. NES, SNES, N64.

Godmars290124d ago

Thought that was this, all of the Genesis add ons, then letting everyone know Deamcast was going to be a thing almost as soon as dumping Saturn on the market.

anubusgold124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

No i bought a saturn as a teenager the dreamcast came way later i was in college when the dreamcast came out it was years later. The dreamcast came out like a year before ps2 because my friends was waiting on the playstation. Now there was Japanese dreamcasts people imported in early even some stores were selling them i never bought one because i didnt know if it would play US games. And people was selling pirated copies of dreamcast games before it even launched in the US of the Japanese games.

Godmars290123d ago

I bought one day-one and as soon heard about Dolphin, the Dreamcast's code-name.

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