God of War art director draws a malicious M. Bison from Street Fighter

Raf Grassetti, God of War art director at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, has created realistic M. Bison fan art from Street Fighter, and he looks evil.

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bangoskank1285d ago

This style is what I imagine when thinking of Darkstalkers on PS5.

Minute Man 7211285d ago

I have Darkstalkers on the PS3.
It's ashame that we can't transfer PSN games across gens 😒

Minimox161285d ago

totally bro, i have a huge catalog of games PSN games of PS3 and its a shame that i can't use only there :(

waverider1285d ago

its really cool. Santa monica artist doing a street fighter villain

spicelicka1285d ago

I follow this guy on insta, he does really amazing designs of random characters for fun. He did cuphead in this dark realistic style as well.

1284d ago
Minute Man 7211285d ago

Bison and Sagat, 2 of the hardest bosses to beat in SFII

Minute Man 7211285d ago

I guess the disagrees are from people that never played SFII during the 16-bit era

one2thr1285d ago

Til this day, I still think Sagat is the cheapest character in SF.

Shoots the second fastest projectile either high or lower, and the tiger knee's.....

adamwparker1285d ago

Every cpu opponent being able to use charge moves at a moments notice make every character cheap.

Freaking Flash Kicks from the standing position always ticked me off.

CobraKai1285d ago

Bison still kills me, but there’s nothing like the sheer satisfaction of finally beating his ass.

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