She Will Punish Them Gameplay Updated Build V0.12

CG Writes: KK Softworks have applied several updates to their action game She Will Punish Them on PC. The game has come along quite substantially since it launched almost a month ago on Steam. The latest test build V0.12 adds a set of NPCs who expand your home base or allow transfer of armour stats. The core gameplay feels better and generally the game’s RPG/loot elements improved a lot. There is still much to do, but we’re confident KK are well poised to make a solid game here. Oh, and there is now more character customisation options and mod support for nude character.

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Gaming4Life19811103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

I know it's a work in progress but this game looks horrible. It seems like the devs are committed to turning this trash into a good game but only time will tell.

mikehawk1001103d ago

So far its an entertaining game. Going around in sexy armor and bashing in skeletons heads sure kind of beats the boredom. And when not doing that buying some furniture to give my ingame-home a little more lived in look (no real-life money just gold you earn from in the game).

1103d ago