Black Ops 4 Campaign Gameplay Leaks Along With Details on the Cut Content

Check out gameplay and details regarding the rumored Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 campaign that was cut entirely out by Treyarch.

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RaidenBlack346d ago

They called that campaign? No wonder it got cut.
Looks like a Spec Ops mission.

Nitrowolf2345d ago

Yeah I mean good for them for trying something different by a clearly didn't work

drpepperdude345d ago

It looks like a prototype and appears to be just like any COD campaign just without any of the cinematic polish. Reminded me of playing Infinite Warfare's beginning with people running everywhere but again without any visual polish being completed.

If this is all they had done for the campaign they probably never even started work on it.

Ashunderfire86345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

This looks bad very bad lol!! No next gen here.

SamPao345d ago

What is it that looked bad to you?

Ashunderfire86345d ago

What they call the BlackOps 4 video. That's what I was confused about. Cause I heard the game was suppose to be in Vietnam Im I right?

RaidenBlack345d ago

Next gen?
This was supposed to come out in 2018. You're confused as to which Black Ops title the article is referring to.

execution17345d ago

seems like they peaked at Blops2 and progressively got worse with every game after

Stay-Toasty345d ago

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a fan of Blops4 but this doesn't look bad. It just looks extremely unfinished. Guaranteed it would have atleast looked a lot better if it had been finished. Don't care though. I hated the whole futuristic premise the Black ops series went down.

quenomamen345d ago

Im sure it will be re purposed for Wack Ops 5