Spoiler Interview: Bleszinski Discusses Dom's Big 'Gears of War 2' Decision

MTV Multiplayer writes: "In today's (late!) excerpt from my spoiler-filled interview with "Gears of War 2" lead creator Cliff Bleszinski, we're talking about Dom's big decision and why he made it."

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InMyOpinion3835d ago

I doubt Dude Huge can spoil the game anymore after what the PS3 fanboys did on N4G with their spam attacks. Thx again!

TheColbertinator3835d ago

If you notice carefully,it was just one PS3 fanboy that spammed the pending section.

-GametimeUK-3835d ago

It was a stupid move... The gears storyline isnt even worth spoiling lol

InMyOpinion3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Nope. It was at least 4-5 different accounts. Some of them posted spam news while others wrote comments. Are you trying to defend them?

ud3835d ago


I loved the part where Dom finally sees his wife and he's kind of blinded and sees his wife like if she was normal, but in reality she's not at all. You really feel his motives and the pain he's going through, with Marcus wondering if he's ok. I thought that part felt like a movie.

Also there's a part I don't understand, maybe they said something about it in the first and I missed it cause I haven't always paid attention to the story cause I was playing with some buddies sometimes :

At a certain moment, Marcus tried to convince Dom to stop looking for his wife and carry on with the mission and that they probably will never find her. Dom says something about Marcus and his father. I didn't get that part? what did Marcus do?

The BS Police3835d ago

In Gears Of War it was revealed that Marcus left his squad to try and rescue his father from the Locust, that is why Marcus was in prison at the beggining of the first game.

ud3835d ago

Thanks for the reply!

Slinger4203835d ago

For me, this was perfect. I love games that end on a bad note. Not that Dom finding his wife is the game's ending or anything, it's just towards the end and established the losing fight against the locust. It gives you more of a reason to want to kill them. Rather than just moving from point a to b killing everything in sight, the new storyline in GOW2 actually gives you a reason to do it. This is what was missing from the first game. I love the first game by the way and I wish they would not have changed the blood in the second game, it looks cartoonish. The first games blood looked gooey and seemed like there was flesh and brain particles mixed into it. The second game as more of a reddish cartoony look I think. That is my only complaint about the game if that can even be considered a complaint. This game is AMAZING, period.

sukru3835d ago

I think I'm one of the few ones that actually followed the story dialogues, and read the collectible notes around. If you do that the story really feels good.

Still plenty of open things are around, though. Especially the lab, and Marcus' father make me believe humans have actually built Locust through mutation (to make them immulsion resilient, or something). But we'll have to wait for GOW 3 to see that.