GAME to offer interest free credit on PS3 consoles

A Sony Europe Rep let go of an interesting secret while visiting retail stores today to hype the Playstation 3's UK launch - they are in talks with GAME to offer interest free credit on PS3 consoles.

GAME is the UK's largest videogame specialist store with hundreds of stores in the UK and outlets across Europe. While nothing is confirmed, the Sony Rep told us that there were definitely plans being discussed to offer interest free credit to those interested in a PS3 who can't afford it at launch.

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Captain Tuttle5718d ago

This is a great idea if they can pull it off.

GaMr-5718d ago

When you gotta pull out a loan to buy it. lol Thank God mine was a gift. I wouldnt of bought it till some more games drop.

Havince5717d ago

well done sony if you do this, it shows you care. even if im a ps3 hater