Why Now Is The Best Time To Remake The Original Witcher Game

The original Witcher, which came out in 2007, is the perfect game to remake for today’s audience.

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ArchangelMike80d ago

Between the Witcher 1 & 2 I clocked in over 200+ hours on Steam, I did'nt even realise it. Witcher 1 has aged quite badly, I have to say; but Witcher 2 still holds up today. A Remaster trilogy bundle would be a really good bargain.

Movefasta199379d ago

Witcher 1 is literally fetch quest the game, tw2 is badass and so is 3. 2 on pc looks beautiful.

SCW198279d ago

Yeah just played through number 2 again and it took me 100 hours to do everything. Love that game and it has aged pretty well to be honest.

NeoGamer23279d ago

No. Finish CyberPunk and then maybe redo Witcher and Witcher 2 together.

2ndhandcorn79d ago

Never finished any of them got new os while playing W1 lost my save lol started again did not want to finish the others untill i completed it played W2 alot but stopped. I will never finish them kind of moved on will buy a remaster and not complete it again ha ha.

neutralgamer199279d ago (Edited 79d ago )

yes remake 1 and remaster 2(have features and gameplay like witcher3)

Iceman100x79d ago

"Why Now Is The Best Time To Remake The Original Witcher Game"

Wrong the first game was trash, and i don't know how anyone can call it good with the worst controls i've ever used.

joejoejoe79d ago

I fucked some random slut in a watermill. Witcher 1 was awesome.

kbozz7179d ago

lol, I remember her! The locals thought the passionate screams was the ghost haunting the mill again!

SamPao79d ago

Thats why they are calling for a remake. For the game to be remade, better.

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