System Sellers: The Showdown

Sure, successful third-party games like Madden are an important aspect of a console's success, but a system's exclusives are its real bread and butter. Gamepro match up the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii's exclusive games that are most likely to move consoles from the store right into your happy home. Which console wins? The results might surprise you.

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eques judicii5718d ago

They have great lists for both the ps3 and the wii but are definitely leaving out a lot of games from the xbox 360. such as:

mass effect
lost oddyssey
blue dragon (i know they mentioned it, but they listed FFXIII and I think blue dragon, while not as big, will sell systems as well)
Kane & Lynch*
DDR Universe (first next gen ddr... and exclusive to 360)
Guitar Hero 2 HD
Too Human
command & conquer 3*
eternal sonata (jrpg)
Two Worlds* (may be coming to ps3, but for now is only pc and 360)
Alan Wake*
Splinter Cell 5
Age of Conan*

*Now, some of these games are also coming to PC, but even still, for a lower income bracket gamer, they are more likely to buy a 400 dollar system than rebuild their computer for the same game, so in this way they are system sellers.

I only listed games that are coming out, they have also listed games that are already out and I can tell you that when I worked in EB Games, viva pinata was able to sell systems to younger and older kids. I also had bunches of people come in to buy the system for dead rising.

It's sad the gamepro left the 360 exclusives so weak, it almost seems like they did it on purpose because it is so glaring (even putting oblivion and rainbow six vegas which are not exclusives in there, simply timed exclusives.) This is a low point for gamepro.

Darth Gamer5717d ago

This article is Bullsh1t and should be taken as such. Yes, they are mostly correct in what they wrote and in that sense not lying. But to blatantly leave out the games that they did (for all 3 systems) is just as bad. Horrible magazine and stupid article. How did this get approved?

TheMART5718d ago

Obviously Sony biased article written. Seen the number of titles listed with teh Sony list.

When I see the 360 list, I can't understand why they haven't listed for example Bioshock. One of the most anticipated games of this year and on consoles only on 360

What about Assassins Creed? Mass Effect, Too Human, there are so many, many more also written above by the other poster.

And Rare, well Viva Piniata is a real good game and I bet more creative things will follow from them in the future

eques judicii5718d ago

assassins creed is on both systems and so doesn't quite fit in the list....

techie5718d ago

Yes this article was very strange. I thought it was strange how they put The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Rainbow Six: Vegas as exclusives to the xbox360 when they are clearly not. And then they missed off Bioshock and Lost Planet.

And what is Assassins Creed meant to be exclusive to? It's not an exclusive game matey. But really when you compare the exclusives of the the xbox360 and ps3, the ps3 does seem to have a wider range of genres - even if the xbox's are extremely strong.

THWIP5718d ago

That Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Bioshock, Too Human, and Crackdown didn't make the list....among about 20 other a joke.

MikeGdaGod5717d ago

most of the games you mentioned, people haven't heard of. you guys gotta realize a lot of people don't go to game sites or surf the web looking for game releases. i know my buddies don't. most of the time we hear from word of mouth what good games are coming or just know what we want already. why get so upset by others opinions?

R34GTR5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

But I also didnt see White Knight Story, War Devil,5th Phantom Saga,Warhawk, Tekken 6 etc.


BTW: Im still taking those bets with FirstKnightT and a few others that PS3 will have the biggest library when all is said and done !

ALItheWISE5718d ago

How are they gonna say WII needs more new exclusives, Elebits, Disaster Day of Crisis, Cooking Mama (not that i would play this game), Project Hammer, Trauma Center, Wario Ware. All orignal new titles (except wario ware). Theres lots of new original games, alot more then they listed.

Ghost 0f 0nyx5717d ago

I dont understand how they can say that Xbox 360 and Wii need more ORIGINAL IP's when all I see for the PS3 is Sequel aftr Sequel. Dont get me wrong, the PS3 has some amazing games coming out, but this writer needs to be a little more objective when he is going to bring up points on ORIGINAL IP's. Plus, with a FEW exceptions, the Sequel curse (they usually suck, See Movies) also applies to video games. Dont get me wrong I love some of these Franchises, but come on, they need to retire them and start new IP's.