The Analog Circle Podcast: Is The Console War Good For Gaming?

In this week's episode, Kiaun will discuss new information about Ghost Of Tsushima, Sony is releasing a themed Last Of Us Part 2 Console, Blue Point Games may not be working on a Demon Souls Remake, the Xbox One exclusive Grounded will receive a demo and will EA continue to retain the exclusive NFL license?

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Battlefield 2042 "Letter of Commendation" Given to Players Who Complete Season 7 Battle Pass

DICE has sent out a Battlefield 2042 "Letter of Commendation" to players who complete the Season 7 Battle Pass, which is the game's last one.


The First Descendant: Over 4,000 Cheaters and Store Exploiters Perma-Banned in Seven Days

The First Descendant hits 10M players in just seven days, as Nexon has banned over 4,000 users for cheating & exploiting the in-game store.


Report: BioShock 4 Screenshot Surfaces, Giving Us Look Early Look at UI, Shotgun, and More

What appears to be the first BioShock 4 screenshot has been unearthed, and it gives a look at some of the abilities, UI and more.

jznrpg3h ago

If it’s like the first game I could be interested. I didn’t like Infinite

Tacoboto1h ago

Did you play through 2?

I dismissed it when it came out, as this quick cash-grab from a greedy publisher, but got the trilogy collection on disc earlier this year on Xbox. Finally played it, and Minerva's Den - it was a really great experience. Years and years late to the party but it was really solid and holds up.

A couple crashes, and weird texture loads in Minerva's Den, but the joy I had in it makes me want to revisit Infinite too.

LG_Fox_Brazil38m ago

As a slave, I obey and shall purchase this one as soon as it hits store shelves