Best PS3 Black Friday 2008 Deals

PS-Deals writes:

"The anticipation for Black Friday is at a fever pitch... After taking a close look at our Black Friday Summary list, we thought we would take a calm, collected approach and analyze some of the better PS3 gaming deals out there this year."

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Mozilla893834d ago

I've been looking for this kind of info, thanks alot. Wow Dead Space for $30 and BIA Hells Highway $20? Hmm I'm not sure which one I should get.

Roukuko3834d ago

ya 30 for deadspace is a steal

Information Minister3834d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself.

iMad3834d ago

compared to XBOX 360 deals :)

Check them

If you are looking to purchase an Xbox 360 console, here is a quick roundup of the specials kicking off this Black Friday:

Best Buy - Xbox 360 Pro 60GB + NBA2K9 + Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - $299.99
Circuit City - Xbox 360 Arcade + Extra Wireless Controller - $199.99
Circuit City - Xbox 360 Pro 60GB + $30 Gift Card - $299.99
Dell - Xbox 360 Arcade + Rock Band 2 - $199.99
Sears - Buy any Xbox 360 Console, Get Extra Wireless Controller
Radio Shack - Xbox 360 Pro 60GB + $50 pre-paid card (via rebate) - $299.99
Target - Xbox 360 Pro 60GB + $50 Gift Card - $299.99
Walmart - Xbox 360 Arcade + Guitar Hero III w/ Guitar - $199.99
If you are looking for sub $10 game deals, check out the following:

Saints Row - $9.99 (Best Buy)
The Simpsons Game - $9.99 (Best Buy)
Dead Rising - $9.99 (Circuit City)
Conan - $9.99 (Circuit City)
NFL Tour - $9.99 (Circuit City)
Tetris Evolution - $9.99 (Circuit City)
NFL Head Coach '09 - $10 (Walmart)
Finally, in addition to the cheap $10 games above, here are a couple other standout deals:

Brother's in Arms: Hells Highway - $19.99 (Circuit City)
Tom Clancy's End War - $37.99 (Best Buy)
Guitar Hero III Bundle - $54.99 (Circuit City or Sears (Doorbuster))
The Orange Box - $19.99 (Circuit City)
Dead Space - $30 (Target)
Fairly decent Xbox 360 deals from the retailers thus far. In addition, you can pretty well guarantee that both Amazon and (details coming soon) will have some amazing deals as well.

digger183834d ago

Your a sad Fu*ker...Reported as spam

Cheeseknight283834d ago

Except that he IS actually making a valid point? Check the other news today on, there's a link for 360 deals as well. Though I don't know why you felt the need to copy-paste it.

While there aren't even half as many PS3 deals, I will be picking up a Dualshock 3 controller at RadioShack (Never thought I'd be shopping there again).

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cl63AMG3834d ago

I'm definitely gonna pick up burnout paradise, does anyone know if Dead Space has trophy support?

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