Now Is the Time for Perfect Dark’s Return on Xbox Series X

Rare's Perfect Dark on Nintendo 64 was a masterpiece. Twenty years later, it is time for a revival on Microsoft's Xbox Series X... from The Initiative?

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Limitedtimestruggle481d ago

The original was really a great game at the time! Never bothere much with the crap on Xbox 360. though.

morganfell481d ago

The original was great. And the sequel utter crap. However they did remaster the original and add standard gamepad FPS controls and its available on the Xbox. I run it on my X1X and its fantastic.

Minute Man 721481d ago

How about no?
Try something else

Bigman4k481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

I agree plus Microsoft now has xbox game pass that'll get alot of people to play it for free

Dragonborn12345481d ago

Xbox is allergic to new AAA ip.

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