Halo: The Master Chief Collection's PC Ports Aren't Good Enough

Halo: The Master Chief Collection's PC ports are really not good enough for the pedigree of this series.

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Sophisticated_Chap82d ago

I played Halo: Reach when it launched on PC, and it worked great. I haven't tried Halo 2 yet though.

Parasidious82d ago

Well then you'd know Halo Reach has god awful audio on PC.

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Father__Merrin82d ago

arnt good enough? they play excellently exactly like the origionals but smoother and higher res visuals. they are all at a small price im currently on the halo 1 campaign nothing wrong with it you dipshit

sampsonon82d ago

They still talking about this?

SirBruce81d ago

I think the problem isn't playbility, as they try to conserve the original mechanics. What I don't like are textures, illumination, loading times, matchmaking, sound changes and all those things that make these versions fell worse than the ones we received years ago on Xbox One X.
PC TMCC has arrived late and does not use the free power and options that could make it a real good experience for old Halo fans.
Modders do far better and for free with so many games, without original code and assets... that this TMMC on PC fells to me like a cheap conversion that I didn't need. As well as a bad presentation card for newcomers to the franchise.

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