Mortal Kombat Boss Talks About Next-Gen Consoles: New Way of Handling Loading "Is Going to Be Huge"

Today, during a livestream part of Summer Game Fest, Mortal Kombat 11 Creative Director Ed Boon talked about his impression of the next generation.

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IRetrouk71d ago

More and more devs are coming out saying the same stuff about memory management being a massive thing this upcoming gen, new possibilities, things not seen before and only going to get better in the future, hype!.

blackblades71d ago

Yeah and when the games are shown and the consoles are out people would know the truths.

IRetrouk71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Dont get me wrong, gpu/cpu/ram are all still important too, but the memory management is by far the biggest jump this upcoming gen and will allow the biggest changes.

blackbeld71d ago

Yeah.... I already make my choice. Playstation 5 it is. :)

IRetrouk71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

I'm there day one for a ps5 too, it's like a traditional thing to me now, bought a playstation every gen so far and not been let down yet, it can take em a while to get going sometimes but the quality and games are always there.

russo12171d ago

I'm really waiting and I hope the next IP from naughty dog will do something remarkably impressive, put all machine resources to creativity and art.

jukins71d ago

its almost a guarantee naughty dog will knock it outta the park as far as putting all machine resources to use. I just kinda hope they move away from 3rd person action would love to see them tackle vr

ifrit_caress70d ago

Santa Monica Studio has also made games that pushed PS3 and PS4 to its limit.

gamer780470d ago

Depends on if druckman is in charge of the game or he learns a lesson from all of this.

Sunny_D70d ago


I’m pretty sure the game will score really well and the minority screaming and hollering on the internet won’t deter him.

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silenthillstrangler71d ago

My god this is beginning to be excruciating! I just want to see something from Sony.

Ravenkiss71d ago

Make the versus loading screen like Street Fighter Alpha 2 and I'll be fine. If the loading screen before picking your character to start fighting is too fast, it won't have any hype. All contact sports uses the ''versus screen'' anyway... even the WWE and AEW, it's promoting the characters.

waverider70d ago

I think Cerny right now is laughing to all the «experts» they were downplaying the massive evolution that the SSD will bring to the next gen. So many tried hard to downplay the SSD and the groundbreaking I/O that Cerny talked about 25 minutes. Even some sites, so called experts... Now...