Cyberpunk Game ANNO: Mutationem for PS4 Gets More Charming 2.5 Gameplay

ThinkingStars revealed some new gameplay of its upcoming cyberpunk PS4 game ANNO: Mutationem.

Master of Unlocking1512d ago

Cool I guess, if only to hold us over till the release of that other 2D Cyberpunk game with fat pixels that had been announced at a Microsoft conference a couple years ago, something called... "The Night before" or something? Whatever happened to that game anyway? Thought it looked great and Iwas keen on waiting a bit for a PS4 port, but it just went off the radar somehow..?


ANNO: Mutationem brings ninja slashes galore to Xbox

A giant city to explore, mega-corps to take down, tons of rebel groups to befriend or destroy. Yep, this sounds like a cyberpunk thriller. ANNO: Mutationem on Xbox is just that!

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Genshin Impact's Sumeru, Naraka Bladepoint Mobile, Wuthering Waves, & More Shown at TapTap Presents

Today, the TapTap presents showcase was hosted, providing new looks and reveals about plenty of upcoming and running games.

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ANNO: Mutationem Review | TheSixthAxis

ANNO: Mutationem blends intriguing 2D sprites with a 3D cyberpunk world and compelling side-scrolling combat. Our review.

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