Lost Planet Updates And Bug Fixes Coming Soon

In continuing efforts to respond to the needs of the Lost Planet community, the development team is currently preparing an update that will add additional multiplayer features, as well as fix a few minor bugs/exploits discovered post-release.

This update is currently scheduled to go live for all Lost Planet players around the globe on or about March 9 and includes the following updates and fixes …

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Zinswin4910d ago

this fix didn't come sooner -- many of the small bells & whistles that most people take for granted are being added in 3 months after (US) release. Weren't these things discovered in the 2 or so months it was out in JPN? I still have faith in Capcom to produce a good game next time out, but it's a shame that I beat the single plater in about 5 hours and got bored/frustrated with multiplayer. The $30 in store credit I got for it went to Crackdown.

gogators4910d ago

this game has problems, but now with around 180-190 online matches in, I am finding the online multiplayer to have been done very well. Post-grab and Team battle are well done. The maps have variety, some with quick fast action and others slower with more room. The invisible player glitch needs a fix and releasing battlegounds to the general public really would keep this title interesting and worthwhile for several more months.

Havince4909d ago

must have updat, game full of problems. lol

Im sick of playing post grab and seing posts going up when there isnt anyone there, also i HATE the advantage Jap players have its mostly lag ones but there has been times when 3 people including myself have pelted a guy with machine gun fire and he has killed us all, coz he is also stunning us as he fires. it needs sorting bigtime

gogators4909d ago

the post is going up and absolutely no one is there. It still doesn't deminish who fun this game is online with the post grab matches. Love Dark Town. I thought I saw the update was for the first of March which is way too long for this update to occur, though they are updating alot of different stuff.