Star Citizen Celebrates Invictus Launch Week With UEE Navy Propaganda Trailer and Developer Q&A

Cloud Imperium Games is continuing the celebrations for the Invictus Launch Week in Star Citizen, but this time around it's with a trailer.

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Garethvk151d ago

They touted it to press and people as a free to fly offer. You still have to create and account and "BUY" a package starting at $45.00 to Fly Free. Basically it lets you fly the bigger ships for free without having to pay more for those upgrades but you still have to pay to play the Alpha.

Abriael151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

That is 100% false. You just need to register an account for free (obviously), download the client, and you can fly for free. No $45 package required.

It's no different from previous Free Fly events. "They touted it to press and people as a free to fly offer" because it is exactly that.

And if you're wondering, I just tried. Worked with no issue.

Abriael151d ago

Lol at the disagrees. After registering your account, Go here. https://robertsspaceindustr... (you know, the big "fly now" button on the front page).

Then click on the big "Free Fly Event - Download The Game Here" box. Done.

Garethvk151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

It says on their sign up that a package and account is required. I tried to download and it said you need a package.

Abriael151d ago

Garethvk: I literally just told you how to do it, and it works. The indications are very clear so I'm not sure how you managed to get it wrong.

Xristo150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Holy crap, Garethvk. When you sign in and click the free play link (Abriael was even nice enough to point out), it shows a "promotional package" as a "game package," and then lets you download to play for free. I'm not here to insult you, but damn... is it really that difficult for you?

Battlestar23151d ago

The biggest con in the history of gaming.

Abriael151d ago

"con" doesn't mean what you think it means.