Ex-Respawn Devs Comment on Titanfall 2 Being Released Just a Week After Battlefield 1

For those unaware, EA made the baffling decision of releasing Titanfall 2 just a week after Battlefield 1, and now ex-Respawn devs comment about it.

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BeRich23315d ago

Titanfall 1 multiplayer was better. The 4 hour Titanfall 2 campaign was really good though.

Nitrowolf215d ago

The campaign was great, one of my favorite in a shooters. Hopefully they return to it one day

Hellcat202015d ago

The multiplayer was and still is a blast to play till this day

excaliburps14d ago

For me, this is the best shooter this gen. SP and MP were both top-tier. I played this recently, and the MP still holds up very, very well.

Ricegum14d ago

Titanfall 2 was much better than Titanfall 1, in every way.

Nitrowolf214d ago

IDK depends. I prefer rodeo system in 1 over the battery in 2. Some things I liked better in one, but 2 def improved in a lot of areas

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Looper14d ago Show
coolbeans13d ago

You're probably letting TF1's limited platform releases get in the way of actual mechanical analysis. I don't mind the shade thrown at the slim launch content, but TF1 balances its interlocking systems more cohesively than TF2 did (especially during their respective launches). Time to kill, map design, the risk/reward of destorying a Titan as a pilot, easier upkeep of acceleration, etc. made TF1's gameplay fire on all cylinders. 2's MP is still really good all the same, but it never hooked me the same way.

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Movefasta199314d ago

Capture the flag on titanfall 1 one was a blast, I miss the game.

GameStallion14d ago

I felt like the campaign was way generic and overrated. Not saying that to be disagreeable, just my humble opinion.

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ParanoidFreak14d ago

Titanfall 1's multiplayer destroyed Titanfall 2's multiplayer

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Movefasta199314d ago

Titanfall 1 had a legendary multiplayer.

-Foxtrot14d ago

Basically EA set them up to die

Then they were bought a while after

Personally I think it was a ploy to reduce the studios price

"Well your last game didn't do so well in the grand scheme of things so we don't think we could pay XXXX amount for you, however if you were to lower that price..."

excaliburps14d ago

I don't think they wanted Respawn or TF2 to die, but it was greed. EA so desperately wanted to eat up COD that it attacked it with two games. Backfired though.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod14d ago

this had zero to do with EA...Respawn had a choice and wanted to release when it did....

JesusBuiltmyHotrod14d ago

Respawn are the ones who requested the date.

-Foxtrot14d ago

Even if they did request it, did they know Battlefield's release date?

Did EA tell them?

I highly doubt it, no way they'd ask for a release date if they knew what Battlefields was.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod14d ago

The Bf date was well known lol. geez gamers hate for EA clouds all logic apparently.

Nitrowolf214d ago (Edited 14d ago )

No EA did not know BF was dropping. Looking at the video, between EA and Respawn, they really didn't share much communication seems. EA let Respawn do as they please and checked up on them from time to time.

I know in a lot of cases its nice to point fingers at EA, but seems like Respawn had complete control

-Foxtrot14d ago

Then delay it...the fact they didn't speaks volumes

JesusBuiltmyHotrod14d ago

They did,, don;t mind the minions downvoting, facts can hurt. It's silly, I hate EA too but this is all on Respawn, they thought their game would take on COD and BF, these games nearly always launch OCt/NOV, everyone knew COD was also coming in NOV.

Mr Logic14d ago

No, EA had right of first refusal for Respawn. Someone else was trying to purchase them.

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Vigant14d ago

They launched the game between the releases of COD and Battlefield.. The first game was an xbox and pc only game which means playstation only players didn't know much about the series and would pick a shooter series they are more familiar with if given the choice. Idk what they were expecting to happen.

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