Where Naughty Dog Should Go with PS5

David Restepo: The Last of Us Part 2 releases soon. After its first console generation without a new IP, it's time for Naughty Dog to create something new for PS5.

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UltraNova3d ago

I don't know man...firing him seems to hursh
On one hand he gave us U4 and tLoU, on the other he is giving us tLoU2(the story direction is really as bad as people saying it is, it's really bad). What if tLoU 2 legacy after it is one of controversy and division? Why would they ever go back to it? If they do, will they stick to Druckman's obvious agenda just to show they don't listen to people? This IP's image is permanently tarnished. So with that said I'd say ND needs to make a new IP for the ps5, one that is devoid of one man's social agenda a game that will re-establish ND to their glory.

-Foxtrot3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

It's not really harsh

We just can't let a person inject his own personal opinions into games

I'm part of the LGBT community, but I don't want someone like him trying to get brownie points by putting things into his games. It was nice what they did with Ellie in the first game, the seeds they've sprinkled around but with the second game they seem to be making EVERYTHING a bigger deal then it is.

I mean Amy, being a woman herself, would have never have created a female character like Nadine, but look what Neil did. He tried to create a character Feminist Frequency would like and in the end they didn't like her proving those types of people will never be happy.

The power has gone to his head, first Amy left, then Bruce, he got worse and worse,

GOODKylePS3d ago

"We just can't let a person inject his own personal opinions into games"

Lol wut? Have you played any video game ever? Telling people not to have opinions when creating games isn't very freedom 'murica most trolls and alt-right iditots love to proclaim on here. Don't like a game? Don't buy it. Don't like a game developer? Don't buy their games. This isn't hard morons.

-Foxtrot3d ago


There's a huge difference with adding small traces of what you believe in with a game that overall fits or alligns with those opinions

It's another to turn a game into something it isn't because you want to show people how progressive you are and how much of a good person you are.

Oh and don't be a troll and call people names like morons, you've lost all credibility with that one. If you need to resort to personal attacks then you obviously don't know what you're saying, you're just p***** off someone called a company you like, that's what it is.

ilikestuff3d ago

I feel bad for y’all that haven’t had this game spoiled for you yet, you’ll spend 60$ and find out the hard way. Yes I’m sure the gameplay will be great, yes the graphics are awesome. Yes y’all will justify your purchases because of those reasons. Deep down though, and you’ll never admit it, you’ll be disappointed in this game, it’s not the end of the world though. Enjoy this “masterpiece”, make sure y’all tweet druckman and tell him how he didn’t ruin one of the best games that’s came out in the past ten years. Haha denial is not just a river in Egypt

3d ago
P_Bomb3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

“This IP's image is permanently tarnished...”

The game isn’t out yet. If the reviews drop to a meta of 90+ and it sells a mil’ at launch, what happens then? Does the internet explode?

People like different things. Some don’t like sports games. When soccer and baseball were PS+ games, internet got angry. Yet they still review well and sell well every year. On NPD, MLB/NBA/NFL are top 10 yet again. Same thing could happen with TLOU2. Leave room to be wrong.

Teflon022d ago

"We just can't let a person inject his own personal opinions into games"

All the people crying about LoU2 better keep that same energy if another game gets censored because the hypocrisy in the gaming community is ridiculous. 1 second, "doesn't matter if they're 10 and near nude, artistic integrity and you shouldn't stop them from doing what they want with the gmae"
now it's "you can't express yourself in the game the way you want, you can't do what you want to the characters. Blah blah." crying about Naughty Dogs direction like this is like the same as censorship. Don't tell a Developer what they should and shouldn't do. If you think it's a issue. Deal with Japans choice of sexualizing underage characters. Either they all do what they want, or none do anything without permission.
Crap sounds even more silly than the people who cried about CTR getting MTX saying it was a ploy and they'll make getting wumpa coins harder over time. But since they only added more ways to get em LOL. It's way easier than day 1 now and you get daily, weekly etc for em

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zsquaresoff4d ago

Ya let's fire the guy that gave us uncharted 4 and the last of us and probably last of us 2.

ilikestuff3d ago

I agree that druckman should be let go, he took a great story and “woke” it up. I am tired of all my favorite stories being ruined. Shame on druckman, shame on everyone who let this happen to the game. Shame (rings bell) shame! Shame!

SamPao3d ago

@ilikestuff its not your story its his from the beginning :P
People tend to forget that.

Profchaos3d ago

Well I kind of preferred Amy's work and direction in the earlier uncharted games if I'm being honest.
Being her back druckmans games take themselves to seriously.

Ristul3d ago

Drunkman is overrated, and takes credit for other peoples work. Amy Henning is the true creator of Uncharted.

FBNS3d ago

He took uncharted 4 away from Amy and shit all over the story... He didn't give us the original last of us either

Sunny_D3d ago

Exactly. I’m reserving judgement until I play the game. But if the main reason people are shitting on the game is because to them it’s “woke”, then it really just sounds like a bunch of whiny neckbeards complaining on the internet as usual.

rainslacker3d ago

It's like saying the author of a book should have the writing of future books in a series people like be taken away from him, because he does something in a new book that those people don't like.

It's fine if you don't like what they do with the story, but saying they should be fired because they took the story somewhere you don't approve is uncalled for.

For me, I'll give it a chance. If it disappoints, and I feel the SJW stuff is shallow, I'll discuss the merits of that on that basis. If ND in the long run decides to continue on a path that's disappointing, then I'll probably just stop playing their games. In the mean time, I'm not going to call for the man to be fired, nor am I going to act like ND hasn't delivered in the past, and aren't worth giving a chance now just because a couple spoilers made people assume they know everything about the game. They may be right in the end, but they're wrong now in the way they're talking about it, and they're entitled pricks saying someone's livlihood should be taken away because of it. Such talk is no better than SJW twats doing all they can to get someone completely innocent fired when they say something innocuous they don't like. It's hypocrisy at it's finest.

IRetrouk2d ago (Edited 2d ago )


Well said rain.

mechlord2d ago

People seem to forget... Of these 3 games : U4, TLOU and TLoU2 he has had more freedom in the last one. There were people almost like keeping him in check in the previous games (Bruce, Amy) but it seems like he was totally unhinged for the TLoU2

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LoveSpuds3d ago

Personally, I think he has done an incredible job directing two of the best games of the last 10 years in Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us and I am confident the sequel will be just as fantastic.

lifeisgamesok3d ago

Facts. TLOU and Uncharted 4 are two of my favorite games of all time. Naughty Dog are the best gaming studio

Tacoboto3d ago

"Games are art" when they like something he does.

"He's woke and ruined this game and should be fired and career over" when they don't like the mere *idea* of something not even out yet. And one of the biggest things behind the "woke" sentiment is not confirmed, hinted at, or even alluded to.

neutralgamer19923d ago

she was let go because she couldn't get the job done and if she was so amazing i am sure EA wouldn't have let her go

RazzerRedux3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


"she was let go because she couldn't get the job done"

ok....I gotta read this. Post the article where you read this.

" if she was so amazing i am sure EA wouldn't have let her go"

Seriously? Did you miss the first three Uncharted games? We know for a fact that she could indeed "get the job done" and she was amazing backed on the success of those games alone. Somehow you have more faith in EA's management than you do the creator of Uncharted? Again, post the article where this is all documented. I must have missed this.

Imalwaysright3d ago

Funny that you say that because when she left and Druckmann and Straley took over Uncharted 4 the game had to be delayed multiple times and the studio went into excessive crunch mode because they rewrote the story. Also this is Amy Hennig we're talking about, I suggest you look up her body of work and after you do that, you'll realize that what you said: "she couldn't get the job done" is nothing more than grade A class bullshit.

-Foxtrot3d ago


Let go? LOL

I doubt it

Plus she wouldn't leave herself as Uncharted was basically her baby and she'd have wanted to send the game off being the last game.

It's more logically to ASSUME, and I say assume because NONE OF US know exactly what went on, that she was pushed out with internal studio drama rather than Sony firing her.

I'd have rather seen her final Uncharted 4 story than what we got, the game was great on a technical and graphical level but it didn't feel very Uncharted like.

rainslacker3d ago

Yeah. Amy is so much better at including SJW stuff that people don't like.

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neutralgamer19923d ago (Edited 3d ago )


fire the game that made UC2, UC4 and TLOU and about to add TLOU2 to his list

all of them became system sellers, GOTY contenders/winners and huge commercial/critical success so yes let's fire that guy


i know man he thinks he is fooling people the xbox fanboys on this site are very well known yet they still think they are fooling others.

Profchaos3d ago

He also had nothing to do with uc2 and only took over mid way through uc4 after a internal dispute at ND so how much input he had can't be determined really.

IRetrouk3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


"Druckmann's first video game work was as an intern at Naughty Dog. In 2004, he became a programmer on Jak 3 and Jak X: Combat Racing, before becoming game designer for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharte d 2: Among Thieves. He was later chosen to lead development on The Last of Us as creative director, a role he continued during the development of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End."

rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

There are some I know to be PS fans, maybe considered fan boys, who also feel the same way. While I don't disagree with you on Spurg's intentions, it doesn't dismiss others who have expressed similar sentiments. They're all wrong to say such a thing regardless of their intent, mostly because of the same things you lay out, but also because they think that just because a game may not(as in they can only go by what they heard on the net and made their own assumptions) appeal to them, the creator needs to be fired as if he did something horribly wrong and offensive.

Oh least we aren't getting claims the game has been downgraded like all the Sony games over the last three years. That's a positive. I suppose trying to say that about one of the best looking games this gen doesn't work out when there isn't something comparable on their preferred platform.

thecodingart3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? first he had no involvement with any of the ideas and/or decision making within UC2. Second, he had minimal involvement in UC4 and his contributions involved Nadine........ 3rd, he wasn’t the sole vision and driver for the TLOU, but had a big enough role to where it had him somewhat involved with UC4 and TLOU2. Prior to TLOU, his only large contribution in the company was to Jack 3 (the worst in the entire series). He barely has any noticeable track record of success other than adding controversial contributions to games. His history literally is controversial and typically leads to an IP self destruction (his contributions to Jack and Uncharted scream this everywhere). Why would anyone advocate for keeping a guy like this who implements failed controversial ideas into games and drives the successful IP drivers and visionaries (like Amy) away?

IRetrouk2d ago

@ thecodingart

That whole rant and your still wrong, do any of you actually do any research? Do you not have access to a search bar?

"Druckmann's first video game work was as an intern at Naughty Dog. In 2004, he became a programmer on Jak 3 and Jak X: Combat Racing, before becoming game designer for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharte d 2: Among Thieves. He was later chosen to lead development on& #160;The Last of Us as creative director, a role he continued during the development of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End."

Link to source is in my comment up there👆.

thecodingart2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

@IRetrouk my “rant” lines up with your wiki source and points to his contribution experience and involvement. You seem to ignore the “co” directors involved in the LOU and UC4 (who had the majority say and influence) and the fact that besides that, he wasn’t much of a decision maker on previous projects...

IRetrouk1d 14h ago

I dont care what your made up excuses are, you said he had minimal involvement in earlier games, I proved that wrong🤷‍♂️

thecodingart16h ago(Edited 16h ago)

@IRetrouk I repeat what I said before. He had “minimal involvement” in earlier games. All because you’re naive doesn’t make your statements correct as my statements are semantically and contextually correct. Involvement at all on a project does not make that involvement much 🤣. Note, I’m focused on involvement with decision making. He’s contributed assets before... This is one reading the team dynamic is so different now, Druckman is a bit of a narcissists. That should be evident to common sense people as of recent with his “personal” statements and videos that were practically non existent prior.

IRetrouk14h ago

A game designer is minimal to you? For real?

thecodingart2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

@IRetrouk You clearly haven’t worked in software development or the game industry 🤣 . Yes, his roles were minimal.

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3d ago Replies(3)
RazzerRedux3d ago

Have to admit. I wouldn't cry at all if Naughty Dog went in a different direction than Druckmann seems to be taking them. Plus, he comes across as a grade A asshole trying to fan political flames and calling out "bigots" entirely unprovoked.

IRetrouk3d ago

I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt untill I atleast play the game, I'm not really sure of his political stance and dont really care for politics overall, I do believe in freedom of self so he can believe in and fight what and who he likes. I will judge the game based on my own play through.

I will say though that I have seen the spoilers and am disappointed in the overall story beat if true, maybe there are multiple endings this time, seeing as it's their biggest game ever, but admittedly wishful thinking🤷‍♂️ all I know is I dont want to see that, or do it(in relation to the spoilers).

I do believe if he has messed up he wont be with naughty dog much longer after release though, you cant mess something this big up and expect to keep a job.

RazzerRedux3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

"I'm not really sure of his political stance "

That's my thing. I don't want to know his political stance. I don't want his politics in The Last of Us. I don't want his politics in Naughty Dog games at all. I don't want him preaching on twitter as to who he doesn't want buying his games because of THEIR political or social beliefs. He has driven this game into a political quagmire.

TLOU2, for me, more than likely went from a day one purchase to buying it used months later. At this point, it feels like ND (Naughty Dog) is becoming ND (Neil Druckmann). That's not the ND I've loved for so long. And if it takes TLOU 2 becoming a massive failure for that to be corrected then I hope TLOU 2 is a massive failure.

IRetrouk3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

That's all good dude, nothing wrong with your view man, was just giving mine, if the game sucks, we know who to call out, but untill I play it I just wont know, I'd rather experience it day1 then have it spoiled even more than it has already been, the game looks brutal, and even if I dont enjoy the story, I still think the gameplay is gonna be top tier.

RazzerRedux3d ago

Yeah man. Nothing wrong with your view either, bud. I hope you enjoy the gameplay regardless of all this other stuff.

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AnubisG3d ago

That would be the best thing so that ND wouldn't be about a political agenda anymore.

S2Killinit3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Yeah I dont really care about your political beliefs. Let the rest of us enjoy our games.

VerminSC3d ago

Yeah fire the best game developer of all time! Excellent idea

3d ago
RabbitFly3d ago

Yea lets fire the man that was one of the more inoportant pieces to the success of uncharted 1, 2, 4 and The Last of Us. Just because some people feel challenged by his story direction in Last of Us 2. That would be like firing your superbawl winning quarterback for saying something conteoversial during an interview.

He has been part of the creative leading team that has made some of the most successful and celebrated properties in the last 2 generations. But lets pretend he is a bad Apple holding naughty dog back. And for what? Some leak?


ssj273d ago Show
GameStallion3d ago

You can see all the Naughty Dog PR people on N4G adding upvotes and downvotes- trying to skew opinion. Along with all of their YouTube & Twitter illegal Copywrite striking, they are showing us what they’ve become.

WelkinCole3d ago

Yet i have been making fun of liberals as snowflakes since forever. Facepalm.

Tiqila2d ago

Can someone explain to me where the sudden Druckman hate is coming from? I did not play a single ND game I didn‘t like, except for that Uncharted 4 spinoff which I didn‘t even finish... I understand that it is something about the next TLoU game that Druckman did, bringing in too much „progressive“ stuff? What does that mean concretely?

WelkinCole2d ago

I am afraid a lot of right wing folks are just as like snowflakes like liberals. God forbid I get to smash gay people's head in in a game. These folks go bat shit crazy if someone has an agenda in their art like virtually every other fuc*ing thing.

Before I have to get use to left wingers/liberals bitch about everything gaming now I have to hear it from right wingers as well.

Someone some alien race should end us already. Bunch of snowflake crybabies

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waverider4d ago

they are already working in another ip. No doubt about that

LeeFender4d ago

Hopefully it's something fresh and more cartoony or Savage Starlight but I highly doubt it.

neutralgamer19923d ago

yes there is a 2nd team with ND so i am sure they are in pre production for another game

The_Hooligan3d ago

Yup, the second team has to be working on something since U4 came out few years ago. Hopefully it's a new IP. As much as I like Jack and Dexter, I don't think ND should handle that. Give that game to the studio who make Astro Bot and make it a platformer that works for VR too.

Was it ND that was working on a space/futuristic game or was it SSM? Can't remember, but that would be pretty cool.

Lore3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

They need to take advantage of a franchise that has the legs to go on for generations and still be fresh (similar to the Resident Evil Franchise). To do that, you need amazing world building, rich lore that has the legs to be huge, a universe that can be expansive, interesting characters and themes, fun and deep gameplay, etc.). Something players will constantly look towards, and they can also have a second team to work on new ip projects if they so choose. CD Project Red is a prime example of that business model.

What’s great is that they already have a franchise that fits the category: JAK & DAXTER. Separate studio at ND can then go into pre-production on a title like Savage Starlight or whatever they so choose

jznrpg3d ago

From reading that it seems the city around the empty hole is the image he is talking about and the plot doesn’t really matter as it never got the green light. I hope it happens

ArchangelMike3d ago

It's interesting that their next game could be something sci-fi. It a departure from what they usually do, which is good.

Rimeskeem4d ago

I would still be interested in a Sully spinoff game from Uncharted. I would enjoy them going back to more platforming though as well. Idk, Naughty Dog does what they do and sometimes people agree and sometimes they don't.

JEECE3d ago

I think we're going to get uncharted spin-offs, but not from naughty dog.