Perfect Dark: the oral history of an N64 classic

Delays, technical problems and walkouts over money and crunch could have killed Rare's spiritual sequel to GoldenEye. 20 years later, Perfect Dark's creators reveal the true, messy story of how it was saved.

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FlavorLav01605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

Lived in the shadows of Golden Eye and Duke Nukem64 if you ask me. I don’t personally care for a new game in the Perfect Dark series either, at least not over the prospect of a new IP from a new premium development team. I hope MS doesn’t go this route, but we all know they sure do love their multiplayer-shooter games, so this would come as an unwelcome non-surprise to me if so...

strayanalog605d ago

"I put in 6000 hours overtime. I was really low down on the overtime list." - Holy scheisse! Glad to read they were at least paid well.