Days of Play 2020: Incredible Deals on Games and More

Days of Play returns with big savings on games, PS Plus and PS Now memberships, and more.

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SegaSaturn6694d ago

Some people will remember covid as being the worst thing to happen in 2020. I'll remember farming simulator.

ilikestuff3d ago

That should be their commercial. I’d consider getting that bad boy

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philm873d ago

Farming Simulator is good if you like that type of game, more to it than meets the eye. City Skylines is really good too. They can't please everyone, but the same people probably like both these games, maybe they should've included two games that were a lot more different to each other to avoid criticism from the lower IQ PS Plus subscribers.

StormSnooper4d ago

Good stuff. Do yourself a favor and pick up Astrobot for 9 bucks!

VerminSC4d ago

Can you only play if you have VR

LiViNgLeGaCY3d ago

Sadly, yes. It's an amazing game.

StormSnooper3d ago

Yes, and to be completely up front, I would hold off if you don’t already have a PSVR. Next one should be right around the corner.

Shadow Man4d ago

I’m excited to try Astrobot :)

GTgamer3d ago

I love my Psvr just hate setting up 😂😂 but I set it up yesterday for the Iron man demo and it's fantastic and I'll definitely be picking ASTRO bot

Outlawzz3d ago

Same here, except I dread the set up process. It's kept me off psvr for more than a year already lol by the time I'm all set up I play for thirty minutes and put it down before fatigue comes in.

GTgamer3d ago

I'm with you 100% sony gotta streamline this process for PSVR2

derweissewolfe4d ago

These deals are weak! I don't even see controllers on sale...pass.

RaidenBlack3d ago

Why you no say: Day of PlayStation 5 ?
( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)

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