Overwatch Is Just A Shell Of Its Former Glory

Overwatch was the hero shooter back then. It gave us an idea of what Team Fortress 2 could have been. It gave us the illusion of a very fast paced first person shooter. But recently, Blizzard just shot themselves on the foot with the updates they rolled off paired with the release of Valorant. Truly a wombo-combo.

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jambola82d ago

there's still issue from day 1 that exist, they just don't give a shit about the game

jib82d ago

What's this day 1 issue?

jambola82d ago

Meant issues

like players being able to stand still in spawn for over a minute
muting people is terribly tedious, games 10 years before did it better
lazy half assed player avoiding system
players can still pick characters and cancel making noise for 40 seconds straight

gleepot82d ago

Jambola, none of the things you mentioned are problems.

Black-Helghast81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Jambola, youre just mad that mercy is your main and youre probably in bronze on comp. As a former top 500 player, i assure you the game has many flaws, none which you mentioned.

jambola81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

they're all problems

wow, your style of arguing is so easy

i won't even dignify that with a real response

jib81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

They're not "major" problems IMO. They're inconvenient but hardly enough to justify "they just don't give a shit." Specially since they've added so much to the game since release. I think it's fine if the additions/changes are criticized since that part's subjective but I can't agree that they didn't care/put effort after all these years

jambola81d ago (Edited 81d ago )


i think ignoring problems for over 3 years is very deserving of "don't give a shit"

fine them, let's compromise
how about, they don't give a shit, unless it can be in some way attached to lootboxes

bangoskank82d ago

Funny because I played it last night and found myself still having fun.

Welshy82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

There's definitely still fun to be had, i don't think anyone is arguing with that, but as someone who played hardcore from beta to the year and a half to 2 year mark, it's just not the same today as it was then in my opinion.

The general the vibe around the game, the meta, the roster etc. That launch year and a half magic just isn't there anymore, for me personally at least. I could write a wall of text breaking down why but that's the jist of how I feel anyway.

bangoskank82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Like anything else the magic fades over time. I agree that I can't play as much as I used to because I get bored after a few matches but I don't think anything has changed about the game to dull the experience. It just got old. But as far as team co-op goes this is my go to. I don't think its charm or gameplay can be matched.

EazyC82d ago

No game has ever done that though, that magic can't last

Welshy82d ago


It isn't just the "magic" wearing off alone. Alot of the new characters and meta changes from the original roster just makes it 90% less enjoyable for me on top of alot of other things.

I went back a couple of months ago and it just feels so chaotic and random now. You try to have a straight gunfight or focus some fire on a shield and you constantly get bashed by a hamster, fisted in the air by a Doomfist then shield bashed by Brigitte on the way down.

The amount of AOE's and moves that just knock your character all over make it borderline unplayable. The team fights and flow of gunplay just feel overall worse now imo.

jib82d ago

@welshy Could it be the lack of experience with the new changes? because a lot of what you mentioned isn't that unmanageable once you've learned how to deal with them

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vTuro2482d ago

All the awful CC that they've added over the years ruined comp for me. QP and arcade are still playable but I'm not all that interested in those.

2ndhandcorn82d ago

Played alot of this game but went back to TF2 even with hackers its just way more fun than Overwatch for me but still enjoy it.

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