Gabe Newell Writes for Edge

Valve set out to create a first-person four-player game in which the action changes each time it's played. They wanted to use procedural narrative to simulate stories because, in a multiplayer environment like this, they felt a more linear, scripted approach would not deliver in the same way.

They are going to discuss here how procedural narrative works as a story-telling, gameplay device; some of the issues they faced in developing Left4Dead and a few of the lessons they have learned for the future.

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pp3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Gabe Newell is one of the best game create out their at the top of the Elite Xbox360 Developers. I am so looking forward to purchasing L4D for my Xbox360 Elite.

No i haven't brought L4D yet i need £20 more i might go out and rob some droid if i can find one. JOKE.

TheColbertinator3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

You haven't bought it yet? I downloaded on Steam right away.Its a good game

edit:Get it for 360 or PC.I like it on both platforms though PC is 10 less.Don't play it with strangers though because they always screw around

Mr_Bun3836d ago

I just noticed that pp is finally down to only 1 bubble...still too many for her!

Magic_The_Celt3836d ago

Haha pp is poor

probably plays on a terrible TV too

by the way gabe is a fat loser who will probably die in a year from a heart attack (along with me) XD

Pennywise3836d ago

Well pp, you summed up why you are such a 360 fan. You are broke. You can only afford the worst.

Maybe you should rob a "droid", at least you know they have money.

rawd3836d ago

And a Brit, that explains ALOT. You should spend that £20 towards new teeth.


Magic_The_Celt3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

oh shut the f*ck up rawd, lemme guess your an overweight american

and you ARE fat, theres no getting around it

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lordgodalming3836d ago

Maybe Edge can give Gabe a job reviewing PS3 games! Couldn't be worse than whoever currently does it.

thor3836d ago

But Resistance 2 definitely deserved that 6. I mean, look at the slew of magazines and websites who agree with a 6/10 for R2! It must be such an awful..... oh - what's that? There were barely ANY reviews that gave it less than 8/10? It's sitting on an average of nearly 9/10? SURELY everyone else is wrong! And all those people enjoying the game are wrong as well!

Edge's PS3 reviews are a joke.

FF7numba13836d ago

edge suck and gabe sucks good match.

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