Platinum Studio Head Doesn't Think Next-Gen Hardware Will Be As "Ground-Breaking" As The Switch

PlatinumGames' studio head, Atsushi Inaba, struggles to get excited for Sony and Microsoft's next-generation hardware, saying the two lack "inventive quality."

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blackblades10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Guesing most JP devs thinks the same, then again it should help with some JP games like dynasty warriors. Matter fact they all could do much more if and this guy is wrong only thing that make switch different is the on the go design.

Shiken10d ago

Not so much having games on the go, but the ability to seamlessly "switch" between console and handheld functions. It allows us to play console games natively on the go or on a TV without the need for multiple saves, transfers, or a wifi connection. It litterally has every Nintendo gimmick packed in as well, from touch screen to motion controls. It is all there, so no matter how you slice it, the Switch is a very innovative and great device to have.

Having said that, there are multiple ways to innovate, and Sony/MS are going a different route. No need for platinum to downplay them, as options for us gamers is only a good thing. Having everyone do the same thing would be boring afterall.

mandingo9d ago

Games on the go is so lame imo. Your playing on a tiny screen and at like 720p. Who wants that? Maybe when I was 12 playing Pokémon was cool on the go but now with all the great games out why would I spoil that on a tiny screen.

MajorLazer9d ago

I'm more than happy to sacrifice portability in favour of a vastly superior and definitive experience, something the switch could never be able to provide.

Shiken9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

@mandingo @MajorLazer

Thats nice, thats why there are options. I have downtime at work and my PS4 Pro cannot not provide me the ability to play during that time. Also as a father with small children, I cannot very well retire to my den while my 2 year old runs rampant throughout the house. But with Switch, I can monitor them and get in some extra time on the game as well. Because of this, I buy all multiplats that come to Switch, on the Switch. On weekends and very early mornings when I feel like getting up at 3 am, I play docked. The versatility is king for me, and PS4 cannot touch that.

For the few games that I feel I must play that don't come to Switch, that is where my PS4 Pro comes in. I beat REmake 3 over the course of a weekend and am about to finish FFVIIR (which is taking longer due to limited time tied to a TV).

But because of Switch, I was also able to enjoy Metro Redux, Trials of Mana, Animal Crossing and soon Outer Worlds as well thanks to the hybrid nature of the device. Not sure if you guys are that narrow minded to fail at realizing that the Switch is selling for a reason (which is that your needs =/= the needs of others), or if you are bitter about the success of the Switch in general.

And no, it is not Nintendo fans alone supporting the Switch. This is why it has destroyed the WiiU and already passed X1 in less than half the time X1 was on the market. The Switch has a wide appeal, and for good reason.

shauzy9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

when the switch goes from handheld to docked mode, the speed of the screens switching is faster than alt tabbing a game on pc for me

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ABizzel19d ago

Not once did I see him say anything about the Switch in those quotes. The reality is its not the hardware that completely drives innovation, the creativity of the talent working on the hardware that produces ground-breaking experiences.

There hasn't been any ground-breaking tech that I can think of in gaming in a while, as consoles and even handhelds are basically mobile hardware (in the sense of consoles laptop equivalent, and handheld cellphone / tablet equivalent) across the board. The only real innovation has been in game development and design, and game peripherals like PSVR, Kinect 360, Wii-Mote, PS Eye PS2, etc...

If Platinum wants innovation, then use the newfound powers in the new consoles to create it.

TorpeAlex9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Did... did you read the article? He mentions the Switch explicitly and explains:

"As an industry, it’s all very promising and I don’t want to be perceived as too negative. But to give another example of my point, the Nintendo Switch was very ground-breaking in how it was able to just to take a home console and make it portable. It’s something that you hadn’t seen a lot of people doing before: it took this wall, that perhaps a lot of people didn’t know even existed, and broke it down. --- Switch opened up all these new possibilities. I think the Game Boy and the DS also did that: there were so many surprises in those. If you compare that to when you’re simply seeing graphical improvements or just ‘faster, bigger’… obviously it’s nice, but it doesn’t have that same inventive quality that really surprised me with past consoles."

Lightzout999d ago

There hasent been innovative gaming tech lmfao? Bro please you clearly have no idea what happens in making a game. VR isn't innovation? Xbox Games Pass isn't innovation? Seamless open worlds and zero loading times isn't innovation? What Unreal Engine 5 just showed isn't innovation? Being able to import FILM QUALITY art directly from the artist drawing into the game with no loss of detail isn't innovation? Come on man lol. I could go on for days. Innovation doesn't mean going from horses to cars. Thats not how technology works in the year 2020. The innovation is in the creation of the product. Look at games on PS1 and compare them to God Of War or Last of Us or Breath of the Wild. Thats the literal definition on innovation. In no way shape or form is the Nintendo Switch more exciting then home consoles as powerful as high end PCs. Nintendo has always been about GIMMICKS. Not innovation. People in Japan have wildly different views on things. Nobody in Europe or America cares about motion controls or touch screens in video games. Switch is a handheld. Barely anyone plays it on the TV. Thats not innovative. Its a gimmick. PS Vita can play on a TV lol. No innovation in gaming lmao. What a terrible comment.

rainslacker9d ago


That doesn't make a console ground breaking though. I mean, it's a great feature I guess, but it does absolutely nothing to innovate the overall hardware, or the games on the system itself.

If the idea that ground breaking is in how the user uses the system, then that's backwards. The ground breaking stuff should be in how that system changes gaming, because Switch doesn't do anything that does that. The example given just gives people an option to play the same game on the go, as opposed to having it hooked up to a TV.

Concertoine9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Yes, it is important to consider this comment in the context of the Japanese market. The switch basically reversed a multi-generational trend of waning console sales in Japan by being a portable home console.

Compared to its predecessor, the only market that the ps4 is still trying to catch up to is the Japanese market.

kneon9d ago

Is the portable aspect really used much in Japan? I was there about a 6 months after launch and the only time I saw one in use was on the plane ride there. Never saw one in the subways, or anywhere else. I went back a year later and never saw one at all.

PhoenixUp10d ago

What part of minimal to nonexistent load times doesn’t sound groundbreaking

DJStotty10d ago

Snes/mega drive games (Cartridges) have minimal to non-existent load times

bouzebbal9d ago

Even Nintendo handhelds, kept that going

NeoGamer2329d ago (Edited 9d ago )

LOL. PS actually brought the console world load times...

Before PS there was no such thing. It was their decision to switch to an optical drive to spur CD/DVD growth that brought load times to consoles. In fact, it got so bad with PS3 and blu-ray that they had to start installing parts of games to the PS3 hard drive to get load times down from optical discs. And they called it a feature. LOL.

Gahl1k9d ago

In other words, simplistic games that have nothing to load have no load times.

bouzebbal9d ago

Neogamer: you know other consoles with cd were out before ps1 do you!?

Mr_Writer859d ago


Whilst that is true, the tech, design and size of games of those games made it easier.

The Switch games are on carts, and they still have load times.

iofhua29d ago

The Switch doesn't have bad load times either.

Pokemon Sword has maybe the worst I've seen so far and it loads a whole new wilderness area map with trees, rivers, pokemon, NPC's, etc. in like 4 or 5 seconds.

Loading anything else is even quicker. Other Switch games either have virtually instant load times or are like 1 or 2 seconds.

The Switch gets a lot of hate but it uses all solid state storage with it's cartridges and SD card. It's not close to SSD speed but it's better than disk-based or mechanical HDD.

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Concertoine9d ago

Metroid Prime and Jak and Daxter had no loading times in the 6th gen

uRaDecepticon9d ago

Method Primers elevator scenes were loading times....I thought everyone knew this.

meganick9d ago

Prime actually did have load times. It just did a good job of masking them. Anytime you ride the elevator from one locale to another, the game is loading the next location, and you can’t skip it.

PhoenixUp9d ago

@ DJ

And they don’t have nearly as large games as today so what’s your point?

@ Con

Those were specific titles. This is about a system wide feature

Imalwaysright9d ago

The point is that it is not groundbreaking.

PhoenixUp9d ago

It is when you consider the large amount of expansive titles that will have more seamless gameplay. That’s far more impactful on the industry moving forward than what Switch has brought to the table

VariantAEC9d ago

I guess I'm the brave one who liked this comment?
Too bad the truth is you're right games had to be designed to leverage the system's weaknesses to load in content but it is also true that basically every game console and computer saw extended loading times since the PS1 era.
Computers have only started to keep loading times down thanks to faster I/O (some of which is actually also available on PS4 with NVMe being the only hold out not available on consoles until next generation). Games used to be very small. The entire GameBoy through Gameboy Color library could fit on a 8 BD-ROM discs or less! Because figuring the total space requirements actually requires ownership of every game cartridges file I decided to look at the largest cartridge sizes the system supports and the total number of games released. There were 1,056 GB games and GB carts maxed out at 4mb. GBC had 660 games and carts as large as 8mb with GBA having 1,510 titles on carts as large as 256mb so 8 BD-ROMs is the total size of all of the GameBoy's software if every cartridge were completely full.
Assuming we threw all of the 296 N64 titles in there too you'd still only need to add a DVD to the 8 Blu-ray discs you already have, but the reality is you'd probably need less than 8 Blu-rays worth of space for every game on all Nintendo's GameBoy systems plus the NES through the Nintendo 64 all on 9 BD discs *OR LESS!*
Imagine all your PS4 games fitting on a single BD ROM... There are already games on PS4 that don't fit on one BD anymore Gran Turismo Spec II is one such example already... And you still need to download some content from the servers!!! It's really that huge. When 2 BD aren't enough for one game...

Anyway yeah GT Sport takes a while to load races but that time hasn't increased with all the new content. It's a limitation of the I/O itself that prevents fast loading. Imagine GT Sport loading a race in 2-4 seconds instead of the 55-70 that it takes now.
That's what next gen brings. Near seamless loading across many if not all games.

I'm not saying load times will be gone entirely they'll just be far less intrusive most of the time. There was loading times in SNES games too from my time playing on the SNES mini and if I recall correctly Diddy Kong racing had brief loading screens too (they were totally black loading screens that at longest hung around for 2-3 seconds).

VariantAEC9d ago

Diddy Kong Racing is an N64 game, but the there were still brief, but obvious loading pauses when entering and leaving levels.

DJStotty6d ago

In the cartridge era, them games would have been classed as large, and hard to produce with the tech available.

Games these days may be larger, but the tech has also evolved so that the process of creating games is more simplified. That is why you have 1 man teams, producing games looking largely on par with AA games of major publishers today.

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porkChop9d ago

It isn't groundbreaking. Games didn't have any load times until the move to discs. Groundbreaking literally means breaking new ground, something that hasn't been done/seen before.

VariantAEC9d ago

GameBoy games were just a few megabytes in size. Games on disk (cartridges) were tiny and RAM while far slower and infinitesimal by today's standards was fast enough to load in 2D sprites and or very simple geometric shapes.
GameBoy to N64 were simple machines. PS1 was indeed even slower due to CD I/O.

There is just one tiny problem...
If CDs were the issue and carts are the solution why is Switch so slow?

porkChop9d ago

The Switch uses flash memory cards rather than traditional cartridges. They're essentially just SD cards. The old cartridges on the N64 for example basically acted like RAM, they gave the system direct access to the game files. It was a much faster way of handling data.

The reason discs won out is because they're far cheaper, not that they're better. The N64 cartridges in the 90's could read at 50MB/s. The PS4's much newer hard drive reads at 75MB/s. That shows you just how advanced cartridges were, even back then.

VariantAEC9d ago

CDs weren't better?
I'd say that extra 636 megabytes of storage was a definitive bump and allowed huge worlds to exist on PlayStation and other consoles and PC. Then and even now space is more important to gamers and developers than speed. Would developers or gamers be excited for PS5 if the hardware could only support 200GB of storage? I sincerely doubt it!

Mr_Writer859d ago


"Games didn't have any load times until the move to discs."

Resorting to lies 😂

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PhoenixUp9d ago

@ pork

Are and the various other disagrees that dense?Of course games on cartridges in the 2nd-4th gens didn’t have much loading times because the data wasn’t massive. Games barely came out to a gigabyte back then.

You can’t be sane and compare that to the next gen moving massive amounts of data in a very fast manner to what was done in the 80s and 90s.

You especially can’t overlook that along with the other technological advancements these new consoles bring and yet act like the Switch is the most groundbreaking thing ever imagined. That’d be the same whack thinking where some people proposed that Wii did more to advance gaming than either PS3 or 360

porkChop9d ago

I never said the Switch was the most groundbreaking thing ever. It's just a fact that we didn't have load times. The reason for that doesn't even really matter. Split second loading is not new, so it isn't groundbreaking.

PhoenixUp9d ago

That’s really an asinine line of thinking

Might as well say caveman drawings makes the Mona Lisa not a groundbreaking impactful piece of artwork

Mr_Writer858d ago (Edited 8d ago )

"It's just a fact that we didn't have load times"

Again with the lies....

"Games didn't have any load times until the move to discs."

And before you try the "I was talking just about cartridges/consoles" defence, that's a reminder of what you said.

gamerben9d ago

Ironically enough, minimal loading times is one of my favorite things about the switch. I'm glad consoles will start using SSDs this gen.

PhoenixUp9d ago

@ gamer

Minimal load times? Please. I have all three consoles and there’s various Switch games that have just as long load times as the other platforms

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rockwhynot10d ago

Puck inventive quality. They're video games. They ooze creativity. I'm actually wondering are there any recent games where NPCs react to voice commands?

shaggy230310d ago

Ermmm sort of.

There was an RTS game on the 360 called Tom Clancys Endwar here you could issue commands to your units.

rockwhynot9d ago

Right that game showcased voice tech commands done in game. It wet everyone's appetite and there's a lot to be desired.

L7CHAPEL9d ago

I'd like to see a lot more done in the area of AI, instead of multiple huge health bars & pumped up hit points.

ColdSin9d ago

For that to happen in games, I believe that we have to usher into the age of 3D XPoint technology.

ShinnokDrako9d ago

Since PS2:

There was a war game you could send commands with voice, there was a bundle with the headset. SOCOM maybe? I don't remember so well.

L7CHAPEL9d ago

original socom did have that capability.
also "hawx" Tom Clancy game, and there was one or two rainbow six games for console that did the same thing.

rockwhynot9d ago

I think talking and communicating with NPCs in game would count as "inventive creativity". Microsoft could import Cortana's voice command tech and it would be a totally different experience compared to 8 year old games using voice tech.

Think full blown conversations with NPCs. I think a lot of players would enjoy the sensation of strategically planning for a battle by verbally communicating with their NPC team beforehand. They already have full blown human-computer verbal conversation tech up and running in Japan with their digital girlfriend apps.

kthxcrayon9d ago

Love this. Imagine an RPG where instead of a skill check against a persuasion stat you instead have NLP run sentiment /emotion analysis on your spoken dialogue.

rockwhynot7d ago

@kthxcrayon That's an excellent idea. It's plain to see with the success of Amazon Alexa and Google Home Speaker the public enjoys engaging A.I. in verbal conversation. With my Google Home Speaker it always says "Sorry, I didn't quite get that." and therefore leaves a lot to be desired...

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ZeroX987610d ago

I would buy a home console switch anytime for a reduced price. When you consider that the display is a big part of the price, a home-only switch could probably sell for $200, maybe even lower considering it costed Nintendo the equivalent of $257 to manufacture it back in 2017.
Nothing better for Couch coop play on a big screen with lots of guest over :)

justsomeoffdude10d ago

This guy should shut the hell up.. where are the games they promised to announce after the viewtiful joe kickstarter?