My Favourite Games - Wild Arms

Andrew from Rocket Chainsaw talks through his love of some of his favourite games, beginning with his favourite game of all time, Wild Arms.

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Dark-soul609d ago

I still use wild arms theme as my ringtone :)

LeKatie609d ago

It's an amazing tune right?

609d ago
Knightofelemia609d ago

A franchise Sony need to bring back into the light was pissed the franchise never showed up on Ps3 or PS4

Vervain609d ago

One hundred percent agree with that. I’m still hoping they bring the series back, but I haven’t held my breath for another game for quite a while.

Dark-soul608d ago

Imagine wild arms 1 remake like ff7 for example :)

Nu609d ago

I'm American but I can almost hear the writer speaking in an English accent

monkey602609d ago

On an Australian domain?