Footage of Arkane Studio's Canceled Half-Life 2 Episode 4 Released

Did you know that some time from 2006 to 2007, Arkane Studio, the developers behind Prey and Dishonored were working on the new Half-Life game? Dubbed as Return to Ravenholm, or Half-Life 2 Episode 4, the game took place in the European town of Ravenholm and was said to feature a story told by a new character perspective. The title obviously never took off, and since it’s a cancellation we have a few screenshots to see what the title had looked like. Well now we get our first real look at some actual gameplay footage.

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porkChop127d ago

I didn't even know Arkane were behind LMNO. That game had promise. It's a shame EA cancelled it. That drove Steven Spielberg away from the game industry.

zugdar126d ago

Kinda ironic really. EA shut down Spielberg too effectively...

Garodor126d ago

Prey is still my favorite game made by them... Still hoping they will make a sequel and expand on it despite it underperforming sales wise