Top 10 Games of This Generation

It is over two years into this current generation of consoles, so surely people have had some games that stand out by now? From Super Mario Galaxy to Portal, Grand Theft Auto IV and Bioshock, 411's Derek Robbins breaks down his top 10 favorite games of this console generation!

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akaFullMetal3836d ago

i like how they kept out alot of the top fps, more about unique games

Foliage3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I'd probably replace Fallout 3 and Galaxy with Gears and Uncharted. Besides a few issues with the order (Not a huge Portal fan) it is a decent list. GTA4 probably wouldn't make the list either, I'd replace it with Rock Band.

I haven't played FC2 yet, but it looks pretty great.

doctorstrange3836d ago

in that gta4 should not be in there and uncharted should,
btw FC2 is pretty dam good

PoSTedUP3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )


ya know what, i had a list all made out and i looked it over, and realized that i couldnt put all these great games in a certain "place", their are to many great games this gen that are too good for a "place" ya feel me. screw "places" here is my REAL list.

1. heavenlysword
1. motorstorm
1. gears
1. uncharted
1. bioshock
1. mgs4
1. lbp
1. masseffect
1. motorstormPR
1. rachet and clank ftod
1. metroid prime
1. fable2
1. wipeoutHD
1. gears2
1. forza2
1. mlb08 the show
1. madden 09
1. cod4
1. fallout3
1. mario galaxy
1. dead space
1. portal
1. halo3
1. resistance2
1. mario kart
1. resistance
1. socom
1. GT5p
1. NHL09
1. nba2k9
1. burnout paradise
1. oblivion
1. assassins creed
1. acecombat6
1. zelda
1. supersmash bros
1. braid
1. superstardustHD
1. geometry wars
1. warhawk

hey feel free to add to the REAL gamers great games list ok. peace and keep on gaming.

Astromage3836d ago

You include Portal... but not the Orange Box? Half-Life 2 - Ep 2 was awesome!

Sitdown3836d ago

You could have just left out the countdown...since you knew at the time of your posting that you were not going to put them in order. Anyhoo....I agree with your list except maybe for Mario was so broken, in that it was plain robbery how it would give those behind the leader the best items so that they could catch up. After a while you do not want to play it because of those cheap tactics. I might switch out Mario Kart with Wii fit....or the game that game bundled with the Wii.

ChickeyCantor3836d ago


>_> you are just a bad player xD.
If you play well enough the blue shell won't bother you least it does't bother me.

But then just depends on how good you play.

Sitdown3836d ago

given that you are not bothered by the blue shell means that you are the bad player..........because the cheat system targets the good/great players in order to put them at a disadvantage. So thanks for confirming my sentiments. ;-)

Voiceofreason3836d ago

NO sitdown, I'd say it is more likely that you suck and are just upset that when you steal a lead you cannot maintain better players take it from you. I have seen people so far ahead that no amount of good power ups helped those behind him. Plays just like any other Mario Kart to me, but then again I have actually palyed them all and not just pretending to have palyed them so I can call the latest one broken. MK online is all about the skillz. If you cant win online you have no skillz. Not the games fault that you think wins should be given to you and not earned. Even the Blue Shell has an easy avoid if you know how.

Sitdown3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

your name can't be further from the games are not that serious for me to get "upset" about....and again, video games are not that serious where I would need to pretend to have played previous versions....and since you have played them, I find it interested that think they all play the same. Ohh and thanks for assuming that I was talking about online play...which I was not. And please show me where I said wins should be given to you rather than earn, actually to sum up...I say that the cheap system should not steal what you have earned. Ohh and guess what........if I sucked, I could care less...cause again, at the end of the day it is a video game, so don't get it twisted....go outside, come up from air......its okay if people talk against your beloved video games and have a different view or experience then you.

Ohhh one final thing, show me where I said I could not maintain the lead. You ever thing that the cheat tactic could be a turn off to casual gamers...and that is where it becomes a problem?

ChickeyCantor3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Your logic fails.
If i end up first even getting hit by a shell am i a bad player?

Seriously, if people complain that the blueshell is something troublesome then you are just not good at it.

ALthough i never said its a great item, but if you are saying its broken because of that...even "maintaining" the lead then whats the problem?

" You ever thing that the cheat tactic could be a turn off to casual gamers...and that is where it becomes a problem?
Either way they wouldn't win anyway...ever thought of that?

Sitdown3836d ago

so I was just messing. But with regards to the casual gamers..I have seen my wife winning plenty of races all to have the cheap tactic cause her to miss out on first....which sucks, cause the game was a birthday present for her back when it released. Again, I am referring to play against the computer...allow me to quote ign:

"Mario Kart has always teetered on the line of feeling somewhat orchestrated, as the racers in the lead receive items of little to no value while those in the back get items that will quickly jet them to the front. It adds to the chaotic "any race could be my race" feel, but 150cc is where we draw the line, as the AI is far too brutal, and downright cheap at times.

Everyone knows the nightmare that is the blue shell, but add in four more racers, a new punishing lightning item that frontrunners will get and have auto-use on them (giving you extra speed for a few seconds, but then shrinking you if you can't pass the item by bumping a rival), another new POW block that spins everyone out automatically – and takes away items in the process, depending on what you're packing – and an AI that reacts to not only what position you're in this race, but how many points ahead you are from the pack in the full GP, and you've got the most brutal comeback computer players out there. We've had three blue shells hit us in a row, we've gone from first to last – again, that's 12 spots – with the finish line just a few car lengths away, and we've settled for silver because of a last second auto-boost by a rival. The orange car in R.C. Pro Am has nothing on this vengeful mascot racer. Luckily it's localized mostly to 150cc, with vs. racing being a much more balanced endeavor. "

ChickeyCantor3836d ago

Never had problems with the computer,
by using the "wheely" button/waggle you can avoid the POW

Sitdown3836d ago

I will let the wife know. Have you seen the controls for the Raving Rabbits game? would be interesting to see a mario cart that utilizes the wii fit board in some manner.

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Mahr3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I feel like this list neglected some of the really great downloadable content that's come out this generation, but at the same time, I can't really disagree too strongly with a list that gives the #1 spot to Portal.

"Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and I said 'Goodbye', and you were like 'NO WAY!'? And then I was all 'We pretended we were going to murder you'? ...That was great~"

Cajun Chicken3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Uncharted should of been there, but at least it got an honourable mention, but I feel Ratchet and Clank:FToD should've got a mention too.

EDIT: And Crackdown.

Silogon3836d ago

I only agree with 3... Not suprisingly, though. The media and console owners are idiots.

Little Big Planet

are the only ones on that list worth piss... COD 5 is actually better than 4. Atleast the onrails segments are. Something so "elegant" about those old planes... < "elegant" hahaahha..Damn Bruce of fame... that yodle doesn't know when to quit.

razorbladelight3836d ago

no surprise they are all ps3 games (not exclusives). Dude, even I have to admit COD4 was amazing, and so was MGS4. This list was well-rounded and had the best of every system. Why phucking complain.

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