The Ascent Dev: Microsoft Is Very Approachable; Xbox Series X Is Easy to Develop for, Leap Is Huge

The developers of The Ascent spoke of Microsoft's approachability. They also discussed their experience with the powerful and easy to develop for Xbox Series X console.

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ccgr522d ago

Can't wait to try the Xbox Series X (who names these things?)

purple101522d ago

Series x impies straight away that there will be more in the series. Prehaps both higher and lower this time arround.

sushimama522d ago

It does not imply that at all.

Big leap? Wow so big. Easy to develop their top-down game for? Made it so easy for us. Microsoft? Very approachable. Phil Spencer? Wears pants and says nice things. Greenburg? Can eat a bigmac in one bite. Next gen tech? Outstanding.

Don't think I can bring myself to read this cringe.

Atom666522d ago (Edited 522d ago )


Series (noun)
Definition: a number of things or events of the same class coming one after another in spatial or temporal succession

Sure implies it to those who speak English. They've come out and said the name is just "Xbox" and this one is the Series X version. You figure it out.

522d ago
sushimama522d ago (Edited 522d ago )


That was from Sony talking to investors in a Corporate Strategy meeting. You know, infomation coming directly from the source itself... Sony.

It wasn't from some no-name Dev getting forced to say something nice about their Overlord Microsoft. It's easy to stop myself getting excited for that.

@ Atom666, does that mean that the next console after that will be Xbox series Y ???
The name sucks man. They could have chosen a better one IMO.

umair_s51522d ago

This site has a big PlayStation fanbase. There is bias against Xbox.

SyntheticForm522d ago


Take a break.

Your tone is way too aggressive about something so trivial.

Atom666522d ago


Maybe Series Y.

I suspect Series S for lower model. Series C for a streaming only version? Series D for a digital version? It allows for multiple products in the console line for the future.

After this "gen" I would look at something like BMW as their guide for the kind of naming conventions I suspect they'll go with.

It's a different naming method for consoles, but quite normal for many other products (phones, tablets, cars, etc). I'm staring at my wife's Apple Watch Series 3 right now.

rainslacker522d ago

If that's MS intent, it usually makes sense to announce what the series part of it all means. Otherwise, they're wasting valuable marketing time that they could be setting up that whole concept now. If they wait too long, it just makes any other offerings seem like they're not part of the master plan.

Atom666522d ago


Maybe in some circumstances, but in this market they had to lead with the "most powerful" product. Any discussion of weaker-spec'd machines would take focus away from the power narrative they've been pushing for 3+ years.

They might be able to start talking about other versions soon, but for my money, I'd be telling them to keep this solely focused on X for now.

rockwhynot522d ago

I agree with you Purple101 about the name's implication.

522d ago
Pickledpepper522d ago

I think you may have touched a nerve lol.

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SyntheticForm522d ago

I really want to see more of Hellblade 2. I really enjoyed the game and got 100% completion on PS4 and Xbox.

Hopefully they show some gameplay soon - don't care what build it is - I'm ready to see.

Vasto522d ago

Game looks awesome. Good to hear from the devs talking about Series X.

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neomahi522d ago

Approachable? That's because Microsoft's desperate for whatever they can get. Does this sway me to get an XboneseX? Nope. Still getting a PS5 at launch.

Ausbo522d ago

I don’t think anyone is implying this is a system seller. That’s halo infinite

mariopasta522d ago

Yeah, I'm not sure Halo is a system seller anymore.

522d ago
galmi522d ago

you guys really have issues

SpeedDemon522d ago

Good for you, im getting the X.

NeoGamer232522d ago

At this point neither Sony or Microsoft has swayed me.

I am leaning XSX only because of The Ascent. But, that is precarious at best.

Unlike your "I am already going Sony even though I know nothing of what they are offering" approach, I am waiting to see what the real games that are going to be offered are. I have the luxury that I will end up buying both probably. It is just the when that is up for questioning.

AngelicIceDiamond522d ago

Go back 7 years. I guess Sony was desperate for whatever they can get since they courted all those indies and AA's right? Its desperation with MS Fantastic logic....

SyntheticForm522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

It's like nobody remembers that launch. Sony didn't just 'have' indies back then, they had an intense interest in cultivating relationships with indie developers and getting their platform out to them. They even had some sort of heart logo dedicated to indies and their devs. So indies were and still are, big for them.

Flower, a PS3 port - that game was even touted - and they were subsequently (and rightfully) taken to the ridicule grinder. Sound Shapes, Resogun (good game) Contrast, Blacklight Retribution, Ho-mother f'n-hokum, and it goes on and on.

The thirst for Microsoft to step up their first party game is real, but using indies to malign the other brand is a double-edged sword argument if there ever was one. Also, technology is getting better and indie games are generally getting better.

Imortus_san521d ago

They sure are desperate being number 1 company in the world while Sony competes with panpers.

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masterfox522d ago

*sees its game* , yeah that's a huuuugeee leap -_-

The custscenes in realtime look effing great not sure why in hell they went Isometric, damn huge opportunity lost there, guess didn't want to create an instant hit.

ElementX522d ago

Maybe they wanted to create an isometric game, it's their decision, you can take it or leave it. How does the player perspective decide what is an "instant hit"?

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