With Xbox Series X, Microsoft Is Selling A Console You May Never Buy

If things go to plan with Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft won't need you to buy an Xbox Series X.

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ElementX11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Lol whatever. Incorporating xCloud into Game Pass isn't doing to bring next gen games to phones and current gen hardware. Not enough bandwidth

CaptainCook11d ago

Maybe not enough bandwidth in a 3rd-world country like America

S2Killinit10d ago

Not sure what they told you but the U.S. is sort of a superpower bud, now why dont you crawl back into your communist peoples apartment complex and play your xbox.

RazzerRedux10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

CaptainCook routinely engages in posting fiction so....

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PrinceAli9d ago

Isn't that the WHOLE POINT of Xcloud!?

ElementX9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I shouldn't have said next gen games won't come to phones, etc. It's already possible, however streaming at 4k isn't going to be a very good experience no matter where you are. Stadia doesn't work very well and xcloud isn't 4k yet. Even Phil Spencer thinks a console is and will be the best way to play.

"I think I'm gonna have a game console plugged into my television for the next decade-plus. I think it's going to be the best way for me to play on my television - to have a local device, download the game, and play".

littletad11d ago

It's a nice segue for a hot topic debate, but no executive has flat out said they don't care if you buy their consoles or not. Instead simply stating that how many subscribers and how many games you sell is where the money is at. And truthfully, that's not wrong. Most consoles are sold at a loss.

RosweeSon10d ago

PS4’s all sold for profit, Nintendo switch all sold for profit, sorry which consoles don’t make money? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️ 😂

DJStotty10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Sony Makes $18 on each PS4 sold
According to research firm IHS, it costs Sony $381 to make each PlayStation 4, which then sells for $399.99. (2013 data)

Wow, $18 off a 1 time sale, whereas 1 game costs $59.99.

Contrast this to the PS3 launch, where Sony paid around $800 to make each PS3, selling it for a substantial loss.

There you go, PS3 is one console that sold at a loss

RosweeSon10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

DJ Stotty wow only $18 per console... now let’s times that by 110 million. 😑 were talking this gen but yes launch model ps3 was sold at loss as it had lots of extra ports and features they soon removed all those and then the remainder of that gen the consoles were sold at a profit ps3 slims weren’t sold at a loss and they sold millions of those also towards the end of the gen.

aconnellan9d ago

“ RosweeSon6h ago(Edited 6h ago)
DJ Stotty wow only $18 per console... now let’s times that by 110 million”

The point isn’t how much they’ve made off consoles, but the point is the purpose of the console they sell at a loss or almost a loss in order to get people onto the ecosystem and purchase software which has higher profit margins. That’s literally why these consoles exist

For better or worse, MS is cutting out the middleman, and instead of saying “let’s sell software to this small pocket of Xbox owners”, it’s “let’s expand our ecosystem and sell our software to more people”. That makes sense to me

I also have no doubt they were put in this position because of the huge beating they’ve been taking all gen, but so what? Fact is it’s happening, and it’s being rolled out in a way that’s beneficial to average gamers

L7CHAPEL9d ago

yeah, real big money... 😏

rainslacker9d ago

And when people buy that console, chances are, they're going to buy a game. Sony makes most of their PS money on licensing fees for games that release on the system. Every game that is put on the system, even if they don't make it, pays a pretty good sum to be able to release on the system. Sony also takes a cut of all digital sales, so it's kind of like double dipping. MS and Nintendo use this same business model. One of the reasons they moved away from PC gaming last gen was because they couldn't make money off it other than their own game releases, so they had the misguided idea that they'd sell more consoles if they didn't support PC.

$18, or whatever it is now, per console sold may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, but that's because it is. But, the fees for sub services and software sales, and even their own games which sell quite well, is pretty substantial.

Imalwaysright9d ago

PS4 certainly did not sold for profit at the beggining of the generation https://www.trustedreviews.... Nintendo is the only one of the big 3 that sells hardware for profit most likely due to having an online service that isn't even close to being of the same caliber as PSN and Live. Both Sony and MS will gladly take a hit to sell as many consoles as fast as they can because software and services is where the bulk of the money comes from.

borneFROMblood9d ago

@DJStotty Sony is not making 100% from selling games, developers get the biggest cut, Sony gets only from their exclusives/owned IP.
Consoles, VR, Accessory, Subscriptions - it's the whole package, but Consoles are the most important. That's why we see it getting reported all the time, on how much it got sold with milestones like 110mil.
What you are doing is just a damage control for Microsoft, kinda wack.

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L7CHAPEL9d ago

do I want to sell you a console one time? or do
I want to sell you over a hundred games during the course of a console cycle, and beyond.

The Wood9d ago

Some do both. Some are incapable so they have to . . . . .lol. . Well we all saw how it played it. .

Vits11d ago

Microsoft plans are greater than a console. They want a ecossystem.

Jin_Sakai11d ago

Like they wanted to take over the living room. Worked out well for them.

Vits11d ago

I'm not saying it's going to work. I'm just stating what they are trying to do.

Plus that is Microsoft plans for every single one of their segments, from personal user devices to corporated solutions.

darthv7211d ago

I don't know about you but Im seeing a huge influx of people working from home now and when not using the tv for games or watching tv/movies, they are hooking up their PC and using it as a big ass monitor and using MS teams for video conferencing (among other options).

Lives have been changed and the increase in PC use at home is increased 100X what it was. So the living room, the garage, the basement, the kitchen, the den... the bathroom. Yeah MS is taking over the whole damn house.

RosweeSon10d ago

They’d be lucky to take over my toilet at this rate.

Ricegum10d ago


So because people are using their PCs more it means Microsoft is taking over their houses? My god, I've heard it all.

Also I love how you guys use Windows as a fallback to Microsoft's success because you know Series X just isn't it.

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RosweeSon10d ago

Yet they’ll end up with nothing. People don’t buy a games console for an ecosystem... they buy it for the console 🧐, oh wait no it’s because of the first word.... GAMES.

Vits10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Yeah, that is why they want a ecosystem, not a console. It's really not that hard to grasp.

RosweeSon9d ago

Vits an ecosystem is money based in this sense and I have no interest in their money they can have mine but not for any eco systems I want games and then I’ll buy their console it’s really not that hard to grasp release great games for your GAMES console and the people with their money for more games and all the extras will come, the extras are a bonus/complementary service not the main focus of the games console. Clues in the the titles. Yeah if you can’t supply the first word in your 2 word description there’s something clearly wrong and your in the wrong business. You want multimedia boxes.

rainslacker9d ago

I think an ecosystem can compel someone to stay within a brand. There is that psychological effect of having to start all over with something new. Big ecosystems or services with lots of users can half ass things more because they're so entrenched, and people often don't want to leave.

This isn't a hard and fast rule of course, and plenty of examples of giants going the way of the dodo, but if a particular ecosystem keeps people invested, it is a powerful tool to keep people within a brand.

L7CHAPEL9d ago

@ricegum, your all-encompassing knowledge about a product that hasn't been released yet, is just astounding... or maybe it's just your witless bias.

Vits9d ago

They are not trying to repeat the original XOne strategy. The whole point is getting you into the brand being it by means of actual hardware and/or services, that is why they are focusing so much in expanding their brand on PCs with the Xbox App and Gamepass, why they are putting resources on cloud solutions and why they will offer to rent the console to people so you don't even have to buy it in order to use it.

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borneFROMblood9d ago

Problem is, Microsoft wants to be first, but they can't.
That's the reason why they try to sell on subscriptions rather than on consoles. They already gave up on console sales, so they are going for subscriptions. And that won't make consoles sell, But it will still have a great play base because crossplay will be huge next gen.

tontontam09d ago

Yup they want to give you a choice choose microsoft or microsoft.

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ApocalypseShadow11d ago

Another Puff Piece selling Game Pass.

DRM, is not and was not forward thinking. No matter how many bloggers, influencers, etc say it. Forward thinking is not about stripping away game ownership or killing used games or being connected to the internet just to play a game. GaaS is not forward thinking. You shouldn't need to pay monthly just to play games.

"Well, it's just options."

The tried and true ridiculous statement Xbox fans use all the time. Remember when playing games online was free? Well, thanks to Microsoft's and their fan's "options," we now all have to pay if we want to play games online. Worst yet, these fans seem to ignore or forget, you can't even play F2P games online on Xbox. Your only option to play ANY game online on Xbox is by paying for XBL. Microsoft keeps leading by trying to get gamers to pay for more services like Windows. Remember when Windows came built with free software? Not anymore. You pay through the nose.

Historically, yeah. Companies took a loss on hardware to sell software. Sony didn't do that this time. PS4 and PSVR were sold above cost. And I would guess, even Nintendo is selling at profit. Not only that, but both Sony and Nintendo are selling millions of games. Even if their services are making bank, it is their software that's selling without being in a service. Microsoft just can't say the same.

So, they became a multiplatform publisher. But try and hide behind the idea of reaching billions of gamers while trying to hold on to the core they have left after this gen. But on Apple's iPhone and Google's Android products. Sounds like an uphill battle trying to take over their territory.

Which one is better? Buying good games with companies doing their best to make them that you can keep on hardware you buy? Or stacks of services you pay for where a switch can be turned off, and you no longer can play or that game being removed forever because it's digital?

10d ago Replies(8)
DJStotty10d ago

So you do not own any digital games i take it? Which are all accompanied with DRM.

L7CHAPEL9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

and remember when playing online absolutely sucked? (particularly through Sony) well it takes money to get an online infrastructure off and keep it running and operating and iterating in approving on it.
I mean, you wouldn't want somebody to easily hack into your system, and then you've got to take it down for 23 days when 77 million people's information gets compromised... oops 🙄 and it's funny you should bring Nintendo up:
because nobody fucking gouges people more than Nintendo does. the "pro" controller that sells (on sale) for as much as a standard controller does brand new, having to immediately buy upgraded memory because what's included is absolutely ridiculous, having to upgrade your battery because what's included is absolutely ridiculous etc, etc, etc,
I've got people pay full price for an underpowered console that's had plenty of technical issues.
with heat, your little click on joycons and everything else...
all Sony has to tout are it's "exclusive games" of which an incredibly small portion are actually Sony's games.
they're going to be real surprised how much that third-party support isn't going to be as gigantic as you think it's going to be, particularly this console cycle, and beyond because the reality of ignoring millions and millions of potential customers is not something any developer can do.
said it before and I'll say it again:
there's a whole lot of things coming up sonys going to do they haven't announced yet, that you guys aren't going to like. that's going to be hilarious to me, because they're not immune to business realities and neither will you be. 😉

The Wood9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

It's hilarious reading that. We're gamers. Sony are just smarter in the console game and haven't been forced to totally change their ethos like Microsoft had to. All the metrics they and their fanbase used to brag about have been swerved into 'other' metrics then they were too embarrassed to report those too. 'Mau's' anyone. . . .now all their fans somehow don't care about the console anymore. . They champion 'options' over quality output options because they're console wasn't competing. Oh well we have to options to play sea of thieves anywhere. . . . . . You guys kill me

It's weird people think it's only Microsoft that has goals of an ecosystem when it's clear Sony have been consistently better in the console space. Their ecosystem is forever growing but its fueled by their hardware numbers which is fueled by their software and consistency. More units, more potential for subs and services purchased. The beatdown was severe. These guys just ain't on par. Sorry.

StarLink9d ago

Another apocalypse essay on how to downplay MS and all the great things they are doing because if MS is doing something good he can't stand it.

Petebloodyonion9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

"You shouldn't need to pay monthly just to play games"
And where are you obliged to pay a monthly fee to play a game? Last I check you can still buy your game physical and digital.

"Remember when playing games online was free? Well, thanks to Microsoft's and their fan's "options," we now all have to pay if we want to play games online"
1999 EVERQUEST made by Sony cost 14$ per month to play online care to explain this?
Don't bother here's the explanation: because they updated and support their game.
Now, please name me the free Ps2 game that was supported with patches online or where cheaters where bans?

Also, I always love the free Internet play argument from ppl that failed to remember that FREE online on pc was for most of the game brought by ppl like me that we're providing you game server to play your game (remember the famous refresh server list key).

"Microsoft just can't say the same."
I'm sure you're an investor and have insider knowledge but please let me ask you a question
If MS is not making money and is sucking so bad then why are publishers like Activision, Capcom, Square, Ubisoft, etc. still making games for that dead system?
Why is MS still supporting it with games
I don't recall the same happening for Wii U or the Vita.

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