Mafia 2 Definitive Edition Appears To Suffer From Multiple Bugs, Doesn't Even Run At 60 FPS

Mafia 2 Definitive Edition feels like a bare minimum port with plenty of bugs and a lack of visual or performance improvements as per early reports.

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littletad488d ago

I saw a walkthrough with no commentary uploaded about two years ago on youtube last night, PC of course. Graphics look even better than the remaster, and one of the main bugs is sound only being on the left and major framerate dips. I'm thinking I'm just going to watch the walkthrough and then buy the first one, since it was made from the ground up anyhow.

MajorLazer488d ago

I think all their efforts went on the remake, and just did the remasters quickly.

Profchaos488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Yeah I copped flak for calling it a lazy remaster but they did drop the ball. In addition mafia 3 now has issues with the new HDR implementation and on my pro I'm experiencing frame rate issues that didn't exist prior to the patch

karlmarblazehorn488d ago

The company that did mafia 2 botched shemune as well there known for making bad ports of games even when they have over a year to make them.

criticalkare488d ago

i am cautiously optimistic about mafia 1 remake i heard its using mafia 3 engine.... unless they tune the engine optimize it better not looking forward to performance in that game....

StonieWylder488d ago

I don’t get why people keep saying the original had better graphics. This remaster isn’t a good one but It definitely looks better than the original.

FlavorLav01488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Not everybody. Mafia2 is running like a champ at 4K60 or 1440/unlocked on PC for me. Optimizations have looked good from what I’ve seen, no bugs so far. I didn’t play the original so I’m just judging what I’m seeing, super impressed considering how old this game is...and it’s still amazing to play! Super stoked for the full remake of part 1 though, that one is gonna melt some eyeballs.

TommyVercetti88488d ago

Mafia 3 on the X1X is also suffering from major graphical issues, here are just some of the people with the same issues.👇🏼

XboxOneX graphics downgrade?
Since the game was updated today the textures don't look as sharp as they were previously, they're really blurry looking now and it looks to me like the resolution has been reduced.

I tested the PS4Pro version as well and the graphics look a lot better on that version now.

I hope it's just a bug that will be quickly rectified.

Anyone else noticed this?
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1 Day Ago#2Bergjaeger
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Yes this is the case. The upgraded to Definitive Edition downgraded the graphics resolution (myself on Xbox One X). basically the game is rendered in 480p now - totally unplayable. Please send a support ticket request.

Profchaos488d ago

My PS pro version actually looks weird when it comes to things like sunsets it looks off I swear it was much better previously and frame rates also feel like they have dropped on the pro I assume this is because previously we utilised the boost mode vs the pro patch

TommyVercetti88488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

I already send tickets to 2k but they dont respond.

The7Reaper488d ago

I'd be happy with 30 frames if it was at least stable

Sophisticated_Chap488d ago

"Doesn't Even Run At 60 FPS"

No kidding, you're playing it on current gen consoles.

Knightofelemia488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Glad I Mafia 2 on Ps3

King_Noctis488d ago

Yeah I Mafia-ed on the Ps3 as well.

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